The Difference

User Experience Design

The User experience design or UED or UXD is nothing but a process of developing a better experience for the user and satisfying the customer’s requirement along with maintain his loyalty towards the site. All these can be achieved by enhancing the usability, customer satisfaction while interacting with the product and finally with increasing the ease in use.

The User experience design is a whole process of improving and developing the quality of interaction taking place between a user and all the aspects of any company. The User experience design is accountable for the process of research, development, prototyping, content and testing that takes place. The User Experience Design is a non-digital practice and a cognitive science but is used and derived predominantly by several digital companies.

User Interface Design

User Experience design is an assortment of several tasks which are focused on optimizing a product for its efficient and pleasurable usage. UI deals with the look and feel, the interactivity and the presentation of any product.

The User Interface Design is conscientious for the transformation of any brand’s visual assets and strength into a product’s interface so as to enhance the user experience. The User Interface Design is nothing but a process by which the user is guided visually through a product visual interface with help of the interactive elements over all platforms.

Just as the User Experience Design the User interface design is also a multifaceted and tough role. It is accountable for the transmission of a product’s research, development, layout and content into an appealing, guiding, attractive and a very responsive experience for the users.

Which Is More Important, UI or UX?

After reading the above paragraphs it must have been clear by now that, what part is more important, UI or UX, but in case if it needs more elaboration, this is needed to understand that, “Often something looks very great, but it has difficulty in usage, this is an illustration of amazing UI but poor UX. Similarly if something that is very easy to use but appears terribly bad, is an example of amazing UX but poor UI.

So, it must have been clear by now that both are equally important and there are hundreds of thousands of examples in reality exists where one is excellent and the other isn’t, and if both the field would have been perfect it would have resulted to have a successful product!

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Nisarg Mehta

Nisarg Mehta

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