From Visitor to Customer with the CARES Framework

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Takeaways & Learnings

  • Decoding CARES
  • Strategic Engagement
  • Identifying Marketing Qualified Leads
  • Increase Sales Qualified Leads
  • Encouraging Users to Purchase

Who should attend the webinar

  • DTC brand Founders / Co-Founders
  • Marketing professionals
  • E-commerce managers
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs


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Gain valuable insights into the following

Decoding CARES

Gain insights into each stage of the CARES Framework – Attract, Retain, Engage, Convert, Sustain – for a holistic understanding of customer conversion, and revolutionize your approach to customer acquisition and retention.

Strategic Engagement

Let’s discover actionable strategies to captivate website visitors, paving the way for enhanced engagement and interaction that drives meaningful connections and conversions.

Identifying Marketing Qualified Leads

Understand how effectively you can pinpoint and nurture marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) to nurture prospects into valuable customers.

Increase Sales Qualified Leads

Let’s discuss effectively optimizing techniques to streamline the checkout journey, ultimately boosting the number of sales-qualified leads (SQLs) and optimizing your sales funnel for maximum efficiency and profitability.

Empowering Purchases

Explore proven tactics aimed at cultivating customer loyalty and fostering repeat purchases, empowering your brand’s growth and success, and creating a loyal customer base that drives sustained revenue.

CARES Framework

Elevating Customer-Centric Strategies for DTC Brands


Customer-Centric Approach

Putting customers first to understand and meet their needs.


Acquisition Optimization

Maximizing efforts to attract and acquire high-quality leads.


Relationship Building

Fostering long-term connections and trust with customers.


Engagement Enhancement

Engaging your audience with impactful content and experiences.


Seamless Conversion Journey

Ensuring a smooth and frictionless path from discovery to purchase.

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Explore the strategies to convert website visitors into completed purchases with intent.

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Nisarg Mehta


Nisarg brings over 15 years of expertise in leveraging advanced technologies to drive business transformation.

Radhika Patel


Radhika hosts the webinar with her expertise, ensuring an engaging and informative session for all participants.

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