How much does it cost to develop a mHealth App? A Complete Guide

Sector: Digital Product

Author: Sweta Patel

Date Published: 12/10/2020

How much does it cost to develop a mHealth App A Complete Guide

With advanced technology and growing awareness about healthcare, customized HealthTech App Development has turned into a necessity than a preference. If research done by Statista is to be believed, the total global mHealth market is forecasted to reach around 100 billion U.S. dollars in the year 2021. That would be approximately a five times increase from 21 billion dollars in 2016.

Also, statistics on illustrates the increase in medical apps downloaded in January 2020 matched to the ‘peak’ month for the COVID-19 crisis in diverse countries which shows South Korea had the highest growth of 135% boost in such downloads with 90% by India comparing its peak month of the crisis with January.

Medical app downloads during peak of COVID-19 crisis by country 2020

These healthcare statistics clearly say that HealthTech App Development Services are being acknowledged and relied on by users globally. So it is profitable to partner with a highly professional and experienced Healthcare app developer for your Customized HealthTech App Development requirements.

How much does it precisely Cost to Develop a Basic App?

Let’s initiate with a provision: there is no approach to offering precise app development estimation without knowing the requirements. All the replications we showcase are based on our industry experiences to foresee a meticulous app development cost.

The pricing readily depends on app development details such as selected team composition (Project Manager, Team Leader, App Developer, Q&A Engineer), the technology used, application features, functionalities, and client needs.

What factors impact the cost of a Customized HealthTech Software Development?

Multiple factors can boost or lower the price of HealthTech Software Development Services and healthcare app development.

One, you require to exploring:

  1. What you already have and what needs to be executed.
  2. How much functionality does your mobile app need to deliver with its intended objectives?
  3. And how modern are they?

Working on these factors is the foremost step. If you already have some software or system, there can be lesser work involved with back-end development; however, if you require the app from scratch, that involves more costs and resources hours.

Similarly, if you require more products than merely a single app, like one application on the doctor’s side and the other on the patient side, the cost will increase.

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Should I hire a Specialized Healthcare App Development Company?

There are three different choices when it comes to Customized HealthTech Software Development.

  1. Creating an in-house development team which means you will have to invest time in the recruitment and employee onboarding
  2. Hire a freelancer that will be a low-cost option, but trust can be an issue

Hire a 3rd party software development house that will build a custom healthcare application and offer experts who will manage the project comprehensively.

Should I Prefer Offshore Development, and how much does it cost?

One may think how much does it cost to develop a medical app or facilitate HealthTech Software Development Services if it involves numerous development stages?

However, you can lower the cost by hiring an offshore team, especially from India. You get experienced and specialized development teams who can provide superior quality mobile applications, by paying lesser than hiring a software house from your local country.

Basic Functionalities every Healthcare App should have?

  1. User registration and login process that also enables registration/log in through social media profiles
  2. User accounts/profiles with control on users personal data and information
  3. Administration panel for handling staff with analytics and admin functionalities with a content management system (CMS)
  4. Messaging systems for doctors, patients, and other medical staff
  5. Push notifications for user communications
  6. Payment tools for paid services
  7. Multi-Language Support
  8. In-App Wallet
  9. Search
  10. OTP Login
  11. Use Promo Code/Referral Code

Recommended Features for HealthTech App Development Services

  1. Security compliances and measures: Healthcare applications require being HIPAA and GDPR compliant, so you necessitate keeping in mind that the mobile application has to be adapted to these legislations.
  2. Video calls: Enables doctors, patients, and medical staff’s real-time conversations.
  3. Integrations with healthcare and medical devices: if your healthcare app requires being that superior to synchronize with other devices, it is crucial.
  4. Integrations with external platforms: For instance, medical record systems
  5. Automations: Relying on the category of healthcare applications can tell or remind medications, monitor incidents, or offer regular reports on the patient’s health.

Suppose you require more advanced and superior functionalities such as geolocation, Google maps integration, camera integration, advertisements. In that scenario, you need noting it will increase the overall pricing and take more time to complete app development.

Wrapping Up

As you can explore, we know a lot about HealthTech App Development Services. We at Techtic are a leading HealthTech App Development Company with a team of proficient developers for hire and have developed flourishing healthcare applications. So, as a leading healthcare mobile app development company, we can help you build software products and solutions for diverse healthcare domains.

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