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How Blockchain Will Transform Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now more than a decade old. It has made its way into almost all possible domains, including robotics, avionics, automotive, healthcare and so on. A study reveals that 30% of the companies across the globe will be using artificial intelligence in 2020 in at least one of their sales processes. 

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Key Reasons Why On-demand Service App Is Trending

Targeting specific groups of audience calls for customized mobile apps, regardless of the nature and stature of your business. Each business has got its unique nature, and therefore, corresponding goals. It is for this reason that business leaders are integrating on-demand service app into their platforms. With millennials making up almost 49% of the on-demand customers, business houses are targeting these masses through dedicated mobile apps. On-demand service app is developed to perfectly fit each business, or industry. In the competitive business environment, you will often find your customers too busy to get across to you. In these situations, you need to reach out to them to ease up their task and more importantly give them the comfortable service, save their time and yet make it cost efficient. You can bolster your sales  by collaborating with the established mobile app developers to build powerful apps for on-demand service app for potential customers.

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Why Virtual Team Is A Better Option?

The corporate landscape has witnessed massive changes in staffing and recruiting strategies in the last couple of decades. Presently, around 2.8% of the workforce, accounting for 3.7 million employees, work for at least half the time from home. Forward-thinking companies have already switched to virtual teams to bolster their productivity. Around the globe. The Fortune 1000 companies are revamping the work arrangements to make their business environment more efficient. Remote working programs and virtual team have emerged as an established part of the global business environment, offering tremendous benefits to business firms, when successfully integrated.

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Will Blockchain Disrupt Mobile App Development?

Embracing the general trend in a given industry keeps a business competitive. Mobile app development has been evolving over time, and the buzzword called ‘blockchain’ has made its impact in this segment too. Efficiency and security of mobile apps being at the top of the pyramid, the established app developers are integrating blockchain into their mechanisms. Of course, blockchain will disrupt mobile app development in the years to come, and for the good.

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