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Modules | Meet and Know SHOKAS – Your Trusted Travel Partner

Select a Destination

This module will allow the user to select the travel destination/ place.

Select A Destination


This module contains a list of all Activity deals with duration, Dining deals and also contains ‘Deals of the Day’. Users can search and add the Set Places to their favorites, as well as share them.

Explore Destination Dashboard


This module will help the user to find places with elaborate details as per the selected travel destinations.

Place Dashboard

Food & Dining

This module will allow users to find restaurants and locate food based on sorting options and various filters available as per cuisine, locality, deals, etc.

Food & Dining Dashboard


The Activity module contains a list of activities users can engage with, along with the details, deals available and Booking options to book activities of choice.

Activities Dashboard


The Profile module comprises of information regarding SHOKAS application, History, Favorite places, Notifications, FAQ, Privacy Policy, Cancellation Policy, Contacts, Terms and Conditions and option to Add or Edit profile

Profile Dashboard


This module allows users to Book food and activity through SHOKAS, for use during travel.

Payment Dashboard


Shokas is a great vision in the travel industry. Herein lies the challenge: breaking through the barriers of large corporate travel portals and creating a niche in terms of experiences for different countries. The aim was to offer an amazing experience to the travel agents and users for planning the trip with experiences. By providing digital access and ability to the users & all agents to help customers book their customer experiences, the major challenge was to build a seamless platform.


Our goal was to opt for an agile product development methodology, with the sprint of 2 weeks at a time to ensure the storytelling is done correctly. We created several modules to ensure the overall platform performance becomes seamless. Strategy was at best explained by Dwayne, when we constantly kept him engaged into whats being developed and how the vision is being translated into the reality through the web portal and the mobile application for iOS.


The final result combined sleek and intuitive product with refined design on all devices & a very innovative mobile application for iPhones and iPads. Shokas offers unique design engagement to the users, and a stunning booking engine which is mulitlayered structure between the businesses, experiences, shokas, users and everyone who are travelling in Caribbean islands and are exploring and discovering option to improve their holidays.

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