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Our Process

Heart of our process is transparency and we take our customers through the process to ensure they become part of the journey in product development.

Features For Learners/Staff/Marine Companies

We created a sturdy Progressive Web App –PWA with an intuitive and user-friendly interface to access training content and examination. It runs seamlessly on desktop and mobile devices with offline support. Below are the features that compliment the user journey of the learning staff.

  • Registration/log in through email or using the credential given by the admin;
  • Update password to change the automated generated password or reset the password if they forget;
  • A dashboard that displays the course assigned to the batch of staff/learner by their admin;
  • Batch details to get details about the batch duration, date, course information, etc;
  • List of question-answers for each module;
  • Multiple choice questions for staff/learners on every section or subsection completion during the training module
  • Generate reports to help staff/learners to get their reports from the admin panel.

Features For Shipping Admin panel

The Shipping Admin panel is the main panel that aims to help Shipping companies manage their staff training & assessment and has more control over the training programs.

  • Companies can upload the user data in CSV file into the database;
  • Manage training batch effortlessly;
  • Generate Batch wise reports to keep a track of progress;
  • Analyze staff answers during the course to guide them;
  • Manage batch time and duration.
  • The admin has default login credentials to log in to the platform;
  • Analytical dashboard for active user logs;
  • Manage Batches & Courses;
  • Sub-admins and user management;
  • Create batches based on the positions and category;
  • Upload the users’ CSV and update it in the database;
  • Batch management, learners’ progress management, and generating customer reports;
  • Set batch starting & ending timings;
  • Visibility to the list of all courses and batches and which user has access to which courses;
  • Send email and update learners about their performance and course journey;
  • Manage emails and notifications.

Sub-Admin or Content Administrator Features

This panel is to help manage the content on the platform, hence we have made it easily navigational.

  • Course and platform content management;
  • Add course and details related to each course;
  • Version handling of the course;
  • Analyze the previously published content and publish new content;
  • Add text, links, videos, and images to the courses and course-related questions;
  • Set answers to every question;
  • Respond to every learner according to their different test scores.


  • The very first problem as per our client was to come up with a plan to build an ultimate solution that complies with Australian marine laws and benefits all users, including shipping companies, marine agencies, and learners who need training in ECDIS.
  • How to make the solution customizable so that it can fit into the structure of different shipping businesses and let them review their seafarer profiles and progress was also a hassle.
  • Above all, the platform was supposed to have multiple users, admins, and sub-admins to create and manage courses for their seafarer staff. Therefore, our clients need a highly responsive platform that renders a smooth user experience over different devices.


After analyzing our client’s requirements, we needed to conduct market research, draft a plan, and build a satisfactory solution. However, turning an idea into a plan was full of challenges.

  • Our client only had an idea of how they wanted their software to be. So, to help our clients run their ECDIS training and assessment business smoothly, the first challenge was to start from scratch.
  • Since our clients wanted to offer a customizable solution for shipping companies and allow them to review their staff training, we suggested and agreed upon building three different panels for three different types of users: Learners, Company admin, and Sub Admin.
  • Then, to serve our client’s requirement to make the platform highly responsive across desktop and mobile devices, accessible online and offline, we suggested creating Progressive Web Application.
  • Now the time was to finalize the best suitable technology and we trusted Node JS and Nest JS and got started the groundwork to build a digital marine training and assessment platform for ECDIS.


  • Thanks to our ingenious team, we overcame every big and tiny difficulty and delivered a secured and high-performing PWA.
  • Our client received three user-friendly and easy-to-navigate panels that help their end-users to customize batches, assign courses to their staff, review training staff’s progress, and more from anywhere, anytime.
  • Not only taking courses and questions answers, but learners can also enjoy videos, texts, and images and have an immersive learning experience on their mobile devices as well as desktops.

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