MoSCoW Prioritization to Empower Your Product Roadmap

With this Moscow Prioritization eBook, you can learn to

  • – Facilitate the prioritization of features on budgetary restraints
  • – Enable the prioritization as per the team’s skillsets and expertise levels
  • – Allow prioritization grounded on the current company needs
  • – Extract precise opinions and views of the specialized team members
  • – Define the essential project priorities and track activities in progress
  • – Apply goal-specific rankings and better implement scoring systems
  • – Record persuasive viewpoints and inputs from vital stakeholders
  • – Share the significance of the MoSCoW procedure in your company

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MoSCoW Prioritization

Our Key Recommendations through the MoSCoW Prioritization eBook

  • – Being client-focused with proper prioritization techniques would enable your decision-making processes to be ranged with the comprehensive project.
  • – Learn from the top leaders, and make enhanced product decisions, with so many external impacts and interlocking of stuff following with the suggestions in this eBook.
  • – Finally, we suggest you to leverage MoSCoW or a similar operative prioritization solution that fits your unique project requirements and avoids getting caught up in boundlessly expected tasks.
MoSCoW Prioritization
What is MoSCoW Prioritization?

Moscow prioritization enables your product teams to evaluate the significance of tasks, processes, and involved functionalities. Each organization or product team prefers its own style to set rules or requirements. This eBook further helps you explore and discover more about this technique and its diverse categories.

Four Varied Prioritization Categories of the MoSCoW Technique are

Must-have Requirements

Involves topmost priority needs, which outline the groundwork of the project pipeline. Sidestepping them means obstructing the execution of the project.


Should-have Requirements

Involves secondary priority needs, which are considered vital but not crucial. Sidestepping them is not likely to cause the failure of the whole project.


Could-have Requirements

It is less imperative than the two prior ones but still desired. They are low-cost project tweaks and can be sacrificed until the probable project time limits.


Won’t-haves Requirements

Lowest category and priority tasks that can be impractical to execute with a set project budget and deadlines. Back these needs in a healthier scenario.

Why Do You Need?

Why Do You Need Prioritization for Your Projects?

Most of the multifaceted projects executed by enterprise companies entail prioritizing tasks. And even several Startups use progressive prioritization methods to evaluate the amount of efforts needed for every functionality per release in their projects.

These comprise frameworks known for definite necessities or rules that improve decision-making processes with precise task management and enhanced product enablement.

MVP Development

Successful Organizations started with MVP Development

Top organizations like Microsoft, Google, and HSBC use a mix of prioritization techniques to prioritize their projects and enable their product teams.

The skill of setting up your priorities displays the competence of your project workflow related to your varied customer base. Techtic’s preference for the MoSCoW project management framework has made a compelling showcase of being flexible to compliant projects and crafting innovative products.

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