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Xamarin, the cross-platform app development framework deliver native Android, iOS, and Windows apps with a single shared .NET code base. Thus, it has become the preferred choice for enterprise development for businesses worldwide.

Consumers in the United States are projected to spend a whopping 34 billion U.S dollars on mobile apps by 2022. This is almost double the spending in 2017. Moreover, the global mobile app revenue will account for a vast 188.9 billion USD by the year 2020. These statistics are encouraging, making the investments on mobile app development for businesses worthwhile.
Xamarin App Development Company

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Mobile app development is facilitated by a plethora of development platforms and devices. This can get challenging for a mobile app development company like us. While there is an eternal debate in the mobile app development industry on choosing between native app development and cross-platform app development, Xamarin stands out as a promising choice for enterprises looking to build a robust mobile application.

Why Xamarin for Enterprise Development?

Xamarin as a cross-platform app development solution is being used by an approximate of 1.4 million developers spanning across 120 countries. The reason for its huge demand is its ability to share a common code base. It does not only help in the development of an app that works across multiple operating systems but, also makes it highly functional and supportive.

Here’s a broader analysis at the reasons that makes Xamarin app development company a popular choice for enterprises.

How to Stay on Top of Mobile Applications with Xamarin

1. The accelerated app development cycle

Xamarin comes with 90% of reusable codes. It means it can be recycled for mobile app development on various platforms. This helps developers reuse a considerable amount of original Xamarin codes for custom mobile app development across multiple platforms. As a result, the app development time is reduced, thereby helping enterprises save money and resources abundantly.

2. Works for rapid mobile app development for businesses

Xamarin, because of its speed, flexibility and cost effectiveness is the first choice for enterprises looking for cross-platform app development at a faster pace. Not only can it speed up the whole development process without compromising on the cost, Xamarin’s user interface by making use of forms libraries makes the entire process smooth, rapid and straightforward. This certainly makes Xamarin an effective and enterprise-friendly platform.

3. Impeccable Native user experience

Xamarin can transform user interface components into platform specific elements. This helps businesses get a native app-like experience during app run-time. To put it in other words, the cross-app development tool of Xamarin facilitates C# coding, which gives a natural look and feel to the mobile app.

4. Flexible API integration

Xamarin is very flexible when it comes to the use of similar APIs and UI controls as found while developing Android, iOS and Mac applications. It even supports the development for several platform-specific programming languages such as Java, Objective-C and Swift. With such binding capacity, the users can install new features as soon as they open any device’s operating system.

5. Counters hardware compatibility issues

Xamarin comes with a range of supporting APIs and plugins for the development of cross-platform apps. This, in turn, allows developers to interact on a native level with operating device hardware. Further, it also makes sure that there are less hardware compatibility issues when developing apps with Xamarin.

All in all, Xamarin works as a great combination of both the native user experience and cross-platform operations. Therefore, if you want to make your mobile app development top-notch, opting for a Xamarin app Development Company is the key. From code re-usability to integration with popular backends, it can do it all. A lot of enterprises are already leveraging Xamarin to the core.

10 Most Useful Applications Built with Xamarin

Xamarin App Development Company

1. Storyo

A video story creator app, Storyo lets its users create videos out of photos. The user can even include small, intricate contextual information such as date and time within it. Built on a single solution through Xamarin, Storyo renders itself on multiple platforms. It has a user spanning across 170 countries.

2. Just Giving

Just Giving is an online fundraising platform which collects charitable donations. It has an app built through Xamarin for both Android and iOS. The app connects donors and fundraisers across the globe.

Presently, it is active in 164 countries and has features such as donation requests, sharing the cause, keeping track of raised donation and more.

3. The World Bank

The World Bank app, created using Xamarin and Visual Studio is a survey conducting app that conducts surveys at a global level. It has not only changed the way The World Bank functioned through legacy papers and laptop-based methods, this app can now collects a considerable amount of data in a fast and confidential way too.

4. Olo

Olo is an online food ordering app which works as a custom brand platform catering to the need of a user base of a whopping 30 million. It brings together 150 brands of restaurants and facilitates features like seamless food ordering, pickup, and delivery.

5. Insightly

Insightly is a CRM and project management app with around 200,000 downloads. It helps companies scale up their business by facilitating the sales team with all the necessary information for closing a deal. Using Xamarin mobile app platform helped Insightly deliver native performance.

It even tapped into native APIs such as transitions while sharing 65% of the code for Android and iOS platforms.

6. FreshDirect

FreshDirect app works as an online food grocery with a catalogue of more than 15k products. The customers can also get delicious recipe ideas, coupons and more through it. Besides giving the perfect app experience to its customers by making use of Visual Studio for Mac, HockeyApp, and Xamarin Test Cloud.

It also helps in automated testing of the app, regular updates, distribution, monitoring etc.

7. Skulls of the Shogun

As the name itself suggests, Skulls of the Shogun is a gaming app, based on the theme of arcade strategy. Initially developed for Steam, Xbox, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and 10, its popularity led to its development on Android platform too. The Android version was created using Xamarin and Monogame.

With a whopping 1800 five-star reviews on Google Play, Skulls of the Shogun allows multiplayer gaming on various platforms through the feature of shared backend.

8. Bastion: SuperGiant Game

Created for Bastion Xbox and PC, the SuperGiant game was extended to iOS through Xamarin cross-platform app development. From converting each level to creating weapons and creatures for a touch interface, Xamarin did it all for the game’s iOs version.

The game even went on to win the editor’s choice award on the App Store.

9. APX Travel Management

Working as an environmental asset tracker, APX Travel Management app allows field workers work ‘hands-free’ via speech and head-gesture language. Built with the help of Xamarin, the app has the feature to record the work completed on the field through photos and videos.

It even shows instant alerts generated from different systems.

10. Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific app built for research and development by combining life science and IoT helps save time, which otherwise takes a genetic scientist typically several hours to make a billion copies of DNA. But, with the help of this app, the progress of development can be monitored from anywhere and anytime.

The app was developed through Xamarin at 75% less development time. It even gave this app a bigger vision for carrying out seamless research and development through mobiles.

Over to you…

Xamarin being a versatile cross-platform app development solution can be on your enterprising wish-list as Xamarin apps are known to be robust, flexible and cost-effective. Are you looking to build your next mobile application with Xamarin? Highly experienced Xamarin developers at Techtic Solutions can help you with the most reliable Xamarin app development solutions.

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