What is New For The Retailers in The House of Magento 2?

As per the latest news on the Magento on the Internet, it has been known that the platform of eCommerce is very soon going to launch the Magento 2. At present, this software is available for the users in the beta version and it is expected that it will be launched very soon with some amazing features as well as the most wanted improvements as compare to the earlier versions. According to the various sources, there are a variety of things for the retailers to get from the latest platform of Magento 2.

By choosing the merchants will be able to obtain many things. The list is as follows:

1. Totally a new customer skill for the Magento Administrators

Magento 2 offers an amazing user experience for the administrators who expect to obtain a better interface for interacting with. It is predicted that the administrators will be able to work now with the touch affable platform and will have their user interface of management panel optimized also for the tablets and mobiles. Furthermore, the platform brings also features such as custom views, flexible data grids, drag, and drop reordering as well as configurable columns, thus giving superior power over the administration section.

2. Development for Product Import or Export

It is being predicted that for Magento 2 to bring in more developments in the method the products are imported or exported in the existing versions. Thus, this will definitely help the merchants for adding the products to their store at a very fast speed.

3. Quickerprocess of checkout

Some improved features such as guest checkout as well as a credit of registered users are done mechanically based on email would be a division of Magento 2 expansion and therefore, will allow for speedy processes of checkout.

4. Backend Scalability

The eCommerce website growth with the Magento 2 will also give improved back-end scalability for the retailers or developers, where coexisting users will be able to carry out better order management as well as product management with delayed and instant updates of the product.

5. Latest Magento Connect

The Magento Connect, extension marketplace will also be obtainable for the advantage of retailers or developers who would be able for downloading as well as selling the extensions for this newest Magento platform with no trouble throughout the New Magento Connect. In addition to this, the automatic scans would be performed for the safety of code and plagiarism checks also for the extensions here.

6. Accessibility of Quality Swatches

In this latest eCommerce version of Magento, not only the image swatches but also the swatches for the colour and text will also be available for the developers. Thus, there are quality swatches available for the retailers in the new version of Magento 2.

7. Easy Availability of Module

Over the two hundred of the top free as well as the paid modules are said to be available on the latest New Magento Connect for use with the 2nd version. Therefore, the process of Magento development would turn out to be simple for the developers though retailers would be able to make trouble-free changes to their retail store with the aid of these willingly obtainable modules.

In addition to this, there is a bag full of the various benefits to getting for the retailers with this newest version of Magento. It would be good for the retailers to have a look over the updates of this newest version as well as go for the development of Magento 2 finally when the versions of the Magento get released.

8. The Improved Performance as well as Scalability

The Magento 2 is predicted to come with both server and client-side performance developments as it would hold up the features such as – HHVM compatibility, varnish 4, improved image compression, static content caching in the browser and reduced JS code. Furthermore, with a separate database for MySQL cluster compatibility, OMS, entire sub-systems separation, catalog database separation and scalability of Magento platform would get better in a drastic manner for supporting the applications of the enterprise with this upcoming latest version of Magento.

Kishan Gediya - Head of Open Source Department Kishan Gediya

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