Top 10 Features of iOS 13

This year, Apple announced a lot of new products and innovations that we will see in the coming future at WWDC 2019- its annual gala conference for iOS app developers. Apart from all the new stuff like Mac Pro, Pro Display XDR, MacOS Catalina and iPad OS, Apple announced its latest iOS version, iOS 13 that is being said to enhance the iPhone experience ever.

The first iOS 13 beta is now available for users with lots of new features and enhancements. Before we dig deeper into all the features and what that means for the future of iOS app development, let’s have a look at the iOS 13 release date schedule.

iOS 13 release date schedule

  1. June 3rd:Preview, First Look & iOS 13 Beta 1 Release
  2. July: Public Beta Release for mobile app development companies, app developers& testers
  3. Early September: Final dev beta release (iOS 13 Golden Master)
  4. Mid-September: iOS 13 Roll Out with New iPhones 

New Additions to iOS 13 & Best Full Feature List

Apple is known to astound iPhone app developers at its annual gala event. This year too, it has amazed many with some groundbreaking features that were long due for rollout on iOS.

1. Sign in with Apple

Best Features of iOS 13

Apple seems to be really serious about the privacy of iOS users and has rolled out a new option to sign in on different third-party platforms using ‘Sign in with Apple’.

What’s unique about this feature is it doesn’t share your private details with the developers but instead create a unique random email for every user that is used for signing in. This way the private details of every user is safe.

2. Dark Mode

iOS13 Dark Mode

It was a long overdue feature and users were anticipating this on iOS after the introduction of dark mode on MacOS in 2018. You know all about dark mode- it transforms the hues from white to black and makes it easy for you to use a device at night.

Dark mode will also save iPhone battery on iPhones with OLED screens like iPhone X. Automatic switching of light to dark mode can be enabled via the Control Center.

3. QuickPath Keyboard

iOS13 quick path keyboard

Apple’s default keyboard- QuickType will now come with a swipe-to-type feature that enables users to type words by sliding across the keyboard. Android already has such a feature and there are several iOS keyboard extensions like SwiftKey for this, but an official update to the default keyboard is what was needed on the iOS devices.

It supports several languages like English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Italianand Portuguese.

4. ‘Find My’ App

iOS13 find my appApple has taken an effort to club two different apps – Find My Phone & Find My Friends in a user-friendly and intuitive app. This will enable you to find your missing gadgets and locate your friends using a single interface.

The new app is faster and will use encrypted, crowd-sourced Bluetooth signals to track down devices that aren’t even connected to WiFi or cellular networks.

5. Major Revamp for Reminders App & Maps

Out of all the apps on iOS, reminder seems to have gotten most of the attention and a total revamp. The new interface looks neater and more organized.

With big color-coded buttons for different categories, one can stay more organized. Also, the quick toolbar on the top makes it easy to add time, date, location, photos and more.

iOS13 reminders revamp

Similarly, Maps on iOS 13 also look much better than before. Now, they are more realistic with details like roads, buildings, parks which can be explored via 3D 360-degree experience.

Also, it is now easier to navigate through all of your saved locations via the new one-tap Favorites feature.

6. Manage Spam Calls Better

iOS 13 is equipped to handle nuisance calls in a better way. Siri scans all your conversations and contacts to see if someone has been in contact with you before.

Silence Unknown Calls feature allows users to redirect the marketing calls straight to voicemail without manual intervention.

7. WiFi & Bluetooth Connect via Control Center

Apple users have been asking for this feature for many years now. With iOS 13, users will be able to choose WiFi networks & Bluetooth devices to connect from the control center itself.

No longer are users required to scroll through several sub-menus to connect to their Bluetooth earbuds of a new WiFi network.

8. Changes to Camera & Portrait Mode

There are several exciting updates to the Camera app and the new features include the option to allow you to change light intensity in portrait mode. Also, portrait mode now has a new monochromatic effect – High Key Mono.

The newly revamped photo gallery touted as ‘a diary of life’ by Apple will have dedicated tabs to showcase best photos of the day month or year. Also, the photo editing features are much better with new options and filters.

9. Privacy and Security

In iOS 13, you can control app location permissions, app location transparency, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth location privacy, and location controls for shared photos.

Now, you can control the location data which you pass to apps. You can choose to grant an app access to your location once or anytime you use it. You can also control whether you share your location when you share a photo. You can also control your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth location privacy.

10. Performance

In iOS 13, Performance of OS and mobile is increased. Now, you can launch apps up to two times faster in iOS 13 compared with last iOS version. iOS 13 has faster Face ID Lock which unlocking iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR is up to 30 percent faster.

In iOS 13, Apps from the App Store will be packaged in a new way that makes them up to 50 per cent smaller.

Other Interesting Features on iOS 13

  1. Split view to open apps side by side
  2. Mute thread & formatting features in Mail
  3. Natural, human-like voice for Siri
  4. 30% faster face ID unlock
  5. 3D AR app support
  6. New fonts
  7. Low data mode
  8. Support for 38+ new languages on Keyboard
  9. App-specific Language Selection

Wrapping Up

So, that’s what we saw in the new iOS 13. If you are looking to harness these new iOS 13 features, you should think of getting in touch with an expert mobile app development company.

A professional iOS app development company is better equipped to leverage the new changes in the iOS and has a team of reliable mobile app developers for hire who are ready to work according to your business model, app concept, and growth aspirations.

Looking to launch your iOS mobile app? Power your iOS app development process by contacting app development experts at Techtic, today.

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