Google’s “Near Me Now” For Cell Phone Users

Webbing Wednesdays Week #3

It is often said “What more can a cell phone achieve?” and yet again some out of the box ideas and inventions shape up the next era. With the increased use of internet on the mobile devices, it is interesting to see how anyone wants to maximize efficiency to find a good coffee shop, pizza place, ATM, Library, Hospitals and other places using fingertips. Well, this was an initiative taken by Google back in 2010 with very initial level of categories and places associated with that. We all know the lightning fast internet was barely made available to people and hence over the period of time, now it’s a huge success, and Google has also taken the mobile search much more seriously foreseeing the growing interest of mobile users for internet. The search term “Near Me Now” is made available for iOS and Android Devices.

These days in daily lives for millions of people across the globe this fantastic innovation is contributing to a drastic level. Someone’s looking for a café for morning coffee, a restaurant and ratings in the near vicinity, a gas station when the tank is almost empty and many more examples we have seen. Well Google is always there to rescue for any immediate assistance. The search will show you the nearest possible places for what you need, with their ratings, specials, daily deals etc. Its just fascinating to see how this amazing system has allowed us to live freely anywhere we are, without having to think, where is the {Restaurant, ATM, Bank, Restaurant, Gas Station, Car Wash, Library and many more}. Just roll your fingertips and you know your location better than you ever imagined.

Why “Near Me Now”

Its always a great way to start with Why? Was “Near Me Now” a necessity or an innovation? Well, the search engines are becoming smarter and this query was designed to address two major user problems.

First, Google wanted to comfort us with offering fast and easy way to present the information in near by vicinity at any moment without needing to speak or enter any search terms. Just enable the location on your iOS or Android Device and see the magic after you are logged into your Google Account.

Second, Google wanted to ensure that the most popular categories; which are part of everyone’s mundane affairs; are easily accessible and faster in responding to the queries to make it more convenient for the user who just got out of the train station and wanted to grab a bite to eat but don’t see a restaurant around.

How “Near Me Now” Works

Google Maps Integration with Near Me Now

It’s obvious and important to understand how “Near Me Now” works and what needs to be in place to make life easier and faster. Please follow the steps mentioned before starting to use “Near Me Now”. One must allow Google to identify the current location. This means that the search giant – Google is asking you to enable location feature so that it can track the location. Once location is enabled open Google Maps from your smartphone and just hit search and it will show you the recent history, and categories with Explore nearby Option. Very interesting to see that this has been integrated with the maps, allowing users to actually see the directions to reach that place and not just showcasing the address, ratings etc.

Local Search and Explore Right Here

You can also explore the whereabouts of specific locations including reviews or rants of other people about a specific restaurant and their menus and services. Clicking the link brings up a layer of local search … well, local discovery options such as Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Bars, and more.

The primary option is Explore nearby and clicking that brings up a list of local businesses — of all categories and varieties — that Google believes is in the same place as you.

Google has launched a mobile search tool that could take away the mobile market share of Yelp and similar sites/apps like urban spoon, MapQuest, and some of the yellow pages apps. It’s called “Near Me Now”.

Why Integration With Maps:

Google integrated this exciting feature with the Maps making it easier for the users to find the locations. This is a very user friendly step from Google and it makes complete sense since one can easily see the directions to the place chosen and also can review the entire vicinity to see which one is the best place to visit. This feature is really amazing for people who are new to the city and don’t know many places to go yet want to enjoy an evening at a nice restaurant.

Would you want to take Maximum Advantage of this amazing Mobile Feature for making life easier? Spend just 30 seconds of your time and save hours finding places that are around your vicinity.

Identifying the power of technology is the most exciting moment. With the smart phone in your hand; maximize its usability. We await your inputs on this Webbing Wednesdays Week #3.

Nisarg Mehta Nisarg Mehta

Nisarg Mehta, CEO & Chairman of Techtic Solutions, is the vision of the company. Nisarg is active in operations in his daily routine as he is one of the key decision makers in terms of technological advancements of the company. He is a friendly leader with hardworking, motivating, visionary and passionate personality.

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