Graphic Designers USADigital Era has driven larger exposure to the consumers towards Digital Media. The growing prevalence of Mobiles, Tablets and Other Digital Devices has been more inviting to the Digital Media, rather than print media. This definitely means that the consumers have better and faster access to Digital Media, as and when they need it. However, the possibility of print media being equally important or equally productive and efficient cannot be avoided. Since there is a vast range of print materials which has proven to be one of the best selling points in any industry.

Both of them have some pros and cons, which will be discussed going forward with this article. Majorly, the marketing campaigns are always run with a budget, and for smaller budgets, Digital Media is a preferred choice since it is less expensive compared to the print media. One more benefit of Digital Media is, the material for the campaign, can be compiled, checked and launched way faster than print media, which makes it the turnaround time faster and cheaper.

While Digital Media is interactive to the millions of users, the Print Media is tangible medium to the consumers. Digital Media allows the consumers directly communicate with the marketers using emails, chat, comments, social media etc. At the same time Print Media gives a more personal touch to the consumers, its always something that you can carry. Giving a business card to a potential customer is more convenient and looks more professional than asking the same consumer to like your page on facebook, or sending them an email with a vCard. Similarly rather than asking someone to go to your website and find out about the upcoming launch on a certain page, would be much more time consuming and distracting than asking a customer to review your brochure.

In terms of advertisements, printed advertisements as well as facebook ads or Google Adwords, both of them have equal amount of audience, may be a little more for either but overall, the impact remains almost equal. Well placed posters, flyers, or sign boards can locate your presence at the same time, digital map and directions on search engines or social media can definitely get you hit the road to reach out to you.

To Summarize, both print and digital medium share equal importance and likelihood of attracting potential consumers and become popular amongst the similar audience. Considering the fact that every business has different demands and different needs altogether, we would love to know your inputs on WHICH ONE DO YOU THINK IS BETTER FOR YOUR BUSINESS – DIGITAL OR PRINT? A question raised to all of our readers. Please drop a line and help us understand your business type and campaign.

Digital vs. Print Media
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Digital vs. Print Media
Digital and Print Media, have equal importance in any industry if used at correct instances. Quality print or digital media can create wonders to your sales.
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