Custom Built WordPress Themes Vs Paid Themes

These days, every one is looking for an interactive, creative, unique and very friendly yet affordable WordPress websites. This opens up another door which we call predesigned WordPress templates. Affordable and nice purchasable themes but when it comes to creativity and uniqueness they lack by several different restrictions.

When you are developing or redeveloping your website in WordPress, it is very important for you to know, whether you should go with Custom WordPress Website or a Predesigned Template based website. Discussion about Pros and Cons of both of them would definitely bring you a clear vision on which way would you choose for your website.

Purchasable Predesigned WordPress Themes:

A Purchasable theme is created by the wordpress developers and being resold to the clientele, to start their website fairly quickly and in a cost effective way. There are market places for these themes where you can certainly go and search for the theme and purchase one amongst the hundreds or thousands of themes. Major players for purchasing these themes are or etc. There certain Pros and Cons of these themes which are discussed below:


  1. Easy Installtion: One can easily install the theme and can simply configure the theme and get their website live in less than few hours. It is very simple and one of the major reasons why the customers should be enticed to buy the product.
  2. Cost Effective: The themes costs are fairly low than a regular custom built theme, because they are being resold for several times and hence they bring equal profits to the developer or probably more, but gives the buyer an ease on cost so that it seems to be a lucrative offer. These themes cost ranging from $0 to about $200, obviously there are certain exceptions but this is a generic range for the purchasable predesigned themes.


  1. Branding Issues: It is very likely that there are plenty of websites in the market which have the same theme as your website has, which affects your branding and is considered as low quality branding.
  2. Support: The WordPress Developers who have built these themes are many of the times one-man-show, and don’t have enough support staff or the hours to resolve or troubleshoot the issues reported by the customers.
  3. Website Admin Management: It is reported many times that the admin of the website is not really intuitive, and because of which it is hard to manipulate anything in the theme.
  4. Design Complications: Design of the theme and graphics and often found to be developed rigidly. Modification of the theme or adjusting the theme elements as per the desire doesn’t remain an easy task anymore. Again for the same, another developer needs to be hired in order to get the job done, which means more money spent on the website, every time the changes are required.
  5. Compatibility and Security: Security of the website needs to be thought through and for that reason, if one single theme has been affected, the hacker may find that theme based website and break them all with the same method. Compatibility issues would always be there, for example with the new versions of WordPress, will the theme still be compatible, or the developer will be sending out an upgrade of the theme to all the buyers would always remain a question, and if for any reason, the theme is not supporting the latest versions of WordPress, there are higher chances of security glitches as well as enjoying the updated versions and the features of WordPress.

Following are the questions you should be looking an answer for before purchasing a predesigned WordPress Theme:

  1. Is the theme scalable enough to accommodate your current or future requirements?
  2. Does the theme possess enough properties and aesthetics to represent as your company brand or personal brand?
  3. Does it cover the functionalities that your website, that you envisioned really need?
  4. Does the theme builder has a good track record of providing timely upgrades with version compatibility?
  5. How is the support of the theme builder and how fast can you receive the support for any troubleshooting or bugs that you find?

It is likely that once the theme has been purchased and if you did not look into these questions then fulfilling the branding and functionality requirements may cost you more than what a custom built WordPress theme would cost you. It is recommended to check for these pointers before purchasing the theme.

Custom WordPress Themes:

Custom WordPress Themes are tailor made approach to create your own vision for the brand that you are creating and it also can accommodate the functionalities that you are looking for. Creating Custom WordPress theme will not be a cost effective solution but you can certainly take complete advantage of spending more by creating the exact same brand that you envision to create for your website. Again to elaborate we have defined the Pros and Cons of the Custom WordPress Themes as follows:


  1. Branding: You can obviously create your own brand with the functionalities as well as aesthetics of the website that you are looking for with this custom solution. This also covers the design complications or design requirements that are needed for the website.
  2. Support: Web Development Firm that you have hired for getting your Custom Built Theme would be just an email away or a call away, as you have established your relationship with the company and have been in touch with them, throughout the development and deployment of the website.
  3. Administrative Ease: Theme can be defined the administration as per your needs and requirements, which makes it a lot more easier for the administrator or the owner of the website to manage their content and different posts and pages of the website.
  4. Security and Compatibility: The custom theme can certainly become more secure if not completely secure by using several plugins and can be developed in a way that if there are updates of WordPress versions or anything else they are still the same and can be updated in less than couple of hours.


  1. Cost Effectiveness: This is one of the major factors where custom themes are not really doing good, as with the customized designing and development it will definitely be more time consuming for anyone to build the entire website with the exact requirement and functionalities.
  2. Development Cycle: The development of such themes is much higher than the purchasable predesigned themes, as they need to be developed coded and worked upon on the specifications that are defined to achieve the best possible and efficient result in the best interest of the website.

We suggest you finally to certainly go with the Custom Designed and Developed Themes if you want to create a brand which not only defines your business but gives you exact functionalities in the perfect form that you are looking for, without considering the cost effectiveness. If you have affordability as your major constrain or if you need the website over night then you should think about the purchasable predesigned WordPress theme, but again our recommended questionnaire before purchasing the theme will still help you make the right choice.

It would be very interesting to understand from your feedback on which way would you want to opt for and why? Please shoot your comments to us and let us know how did you plan your new WordPress website theme. We would love to understand your responses and feedback on the article.

Nisarg Mehta Nisarg Mehta

Nisarg Mehta, CEO & Chairman of Techtic Solutions, is the vision of the company. Nisarg is active in operations in his daily routine as he is one of the key decision makers in terms of technological advancements of the company. He is a friendly leader with hardworking, motivating, visionary and passionate personality.

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