Avengers of web development universe

With the unprecedented growth of web technology, many businesses are opting for high-end web applications for satisfying their customer base while having the edge over their competitors. After all, these days’ people are well versed with all the technological trends and expect the same from the brands they use. However, developing these rich web applications is not an easy task. It requires in-depth knowledge of a variety of web development frameworks.

All in all, from highlighting features like real-time messaging for better interaction to facilitating higher rates of engagement for industry players and business, there is an absolute requirement to focus on the continually changing business needs. And, for that, the web development process needs to focus on innovative technology with skilful resources.

Therefore, when you hire developers for your web application, make sure they have impeccable skills and plenty of knowledge regarding these frameworks.

Do you want to know which are the most popular web development frameworks doing the rounds of the internet? Well, here’s a quick look below.

1. Laravel

Created in 2011, Laravel works as an open source and free PHP framework and facilitates the creation of world-class web apps with the help of model view controller architectural pattern. It doesn’t only create amazingly fast front end or web apps but, also makes the whole process scalable and cost-effective.

2. Node JS

Node JS is every developer’s favorite because of its ability to create scalable, lightweight and fast applications. It uses a huge number of simultaneous connections to develop easily scalable apps. In short, it gives a complete environment of JavaScript with all the tools to create lightweight and efficient apps.

3. Angular JS

It is a JavaScript open source framework, which works for the development of single-page web applications with the help of MVC architectural pattern.

4. React JS

Used for creating a user interface for web applications, ReactJS is an open source, JavaScript library which was developed by Facebook in 2013. It can build large applications where data keeps changing constantly.

Overall, the frameworks mentioned above are helping developers create impeccable applications seamlessly. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are no less than Avengers of Web Development Universe. Yes, just like the Earth’s mightiest heroes who try to save the universe against the most potent threats, these web development frameworks save the developers and businesses by giving them world-class features for smooth, cost-effective and seamless app development.

Therefore, if you wish to stay ahead in the competition, make sure you make extensive use of these powerful frameworks. Remember, how THOR says, “for every moment the future is becoming the past” So before your future business goals turn into something far fetched and past, leverage the most out of it.

Willing to dig in deep in the universe of web development? Want to know how these frameworks can become your own superhero? Well, we have it covered for you. Here’s a cool Avengers infographic where we have compared the power of the Marvel superheroes with that of the popular web development framework. Take a look.

Laravel as Iron Man.

Laravel Development Company

High speed, secure and fast.

Laravel can easily be compared with IRON MAN. Well, IRON MAN with his high flying ability is known as a genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist. IRON MAN aka the armoured avenger has high tech solutions to all the problems. Similarly, Laravel also works as a security armour and protects the web applications from risks such as SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, and cross-site scripting. Even Iron Man’s speed capabilities can be compared with Laravel’s fast delivery of work. We all know how Iron Man’s suit upgrades itself to fly while enhancing its overall speed. Similarly, Laravel’s pre-built functions make lengthy code writing a matter of a few minutes. Further, features like primary authentication, cache, form validation etc. are already inbuilt in Laravel’s new installation, thereby making the overall development process fast, effective and efficient.

Node JS as Hawkeye.

Node JS Development Company

Accuracy and preciseness.

Hawkeye who is an expert fighter and marksman is known for his impeccable archery skills. His aims are not only downright accurate but, exact and fast too. Therefore, comparing his skills with NODE JS can fully be justified. The speed with which Hawkeye aims is similar to what NODE JS does for seamless software operation. Just like Hawkeye’s super-fast aiming skills, NODE JS, that runs on a V8 engine developed by Google uses JavaScript into native machine code and facilitates high-end working speed.

Further, just as Hawkeye is specialized in various bows and arrows, NODE JS is specialized in taking care of asynchronous I/O operations. Instead of forming separate threads, it makes use of a single thread and facilitates various critical actions of web applications such as writing or reading to the file system or database network connections in a fast and precise way. Moreover, we all know how Hawkeye has always been a helping hand for his friends. His empowering friendship with Black widow has proved how strong, loyal and supportive he as a friend is. Similarly, NODE JS empowers the organizations to develop applications that are not only quick and robust but, also can track parallel connections.

In short, just like Black Widow has benefitted from the friendship of Hawkeye, enterprises can benefit from the feature mentioned above of NODE JS. From LinkedIn to PayPal, everyone is making extensive use of NODE JS. While LinkedIn went down to 3 servers from 39 with

NODE JS and managed its traffic well with a 20% increase in its swiftness, PayPal recorded a doubled request per second with NODE JS along with a 35% decline in the response time.

Angular JS as Spiderman.

Angular JS Development Company

Agility and control.

With his fantastic spider powers, Spiderman is an avenger whose life’s aim is to help others. His skills can be compared with that of the varied features of Angular JS. While Spiderman with his amazing spider abilities, fights crime and works for the more significant cause of the world, Angular JS helps the developers across the globe build web applications with comfort and ease. With its two-way data binding feature, it seamlessly controls the movement of data between the models and makes sure that the whole process of synchronization between DOM and the model is carried out effectively. Further, the agility of Spiderman is also similar to Angular JS’s quick and easy way of coding. While Spiderman is known for his agile techniques for moving and contorting in battles and catching his enemies off guard, Angular JS with its ability to get derived from HTML can help developers code an entire web application in a short span of time. All a developer needs is to add a few attributes to the HTML code and get quick results in the form of a fast, high-end app.

React JS as Captain America.

React JS Development Company

Fast, responsive and advanced.

The leader of Avengers and one of the mightiest heroes, Captain America, is a World War II hero. React JS, on the other hand, is a bestseller JavaScript library user by leading companies such as Netflix, Apple, PayPal etc. along with 32,000 websites which are made using this framework. And just the way Captain America uses his super soldier serum to increase his speed and stamina for leading his way into any battle and emerging as a winner, React JS uses Virtual DOM (Direct Object Model) for rendering faster services while building a web application without bottlenecks and emerging as a winner amidst its competition. In short, it gives dynamic software solutions by applying any changes to the Virtual DOM and calculating the minimal scope of necessary DOM functions by making extensive use of the different algorithm. This further facilitates updating the real DOM tree, thereby making the overall app development process better with enhanced performance and less time consumption.

All in all, the above mentioned four frameworks have all the functionalities and features which when utilised by developers can help them render and develop world-class web apps seamlessly.

Hemant Kumar Hemant Kumar

Hemant, heading PHP/Framework Department is one of the sharpest brains of Techtic Solutions with over 5 years of experience. Hemant understands the upcoming technologies and directs himself & his team to adapt the same. He is passionate about coding and his love for programming has evolved him and his team members over the period of years to achieve the most complex jobs.

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