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2013 is coming to an end and its time for new year resolution. Everyone of us will be taking some resolutions and the website owners will definitely be thinking whats new for 2014. Well, an ever changing era of SEO can definitely get you some resolutions on what strategies can you change and adapt for the coming year of 2014 in order to make maximum out of your website.

As we all know Search Engine Optimization is a ongoing with constantly changing process and the strategies may need to change every time the algorithms of search engines changes. We understand and believe that you may have one of the most successful year in online marketing or it may be the case that your online marketing will pay you off in coming year. This article will definitely present you a close look at what you can do differently in order to attract maximum traffic to your website and higher rankings.

Resolution for new Learnings

Every area of your skill set or every area of your job is never 100%. There is always a room for improvement. As far as SEO strategies are concerned, there are plenty of new things to learn every single day. Mobile search is increasing and Google is working really hard to equip the mobile users with quick and refined search results. Also, Hummingbird, the newest algorithm of Google, they came out with the fact that people have been asking questions as part of the search, which makes the search query longer. This needs to be understood by Google in order to offer relevant results. They worked really hard to achieve this and called this algorithm and update Hummingbird.

To summarize, if Google is constantly updating larger algorithms in order to refine the strategies of Search Engines, it is merely 1000th part of their efforts for us to learn what these new algorithms are and how to make maximum use of that.

Resolution to increase the conversion ratio

SEO brings you traffic and search result rankings. Now after achieving the traffic, it is the website which needs to be functional, interactive, user friendly and informative for anyone of check it out and leave their notes or footprints on the website, be it subscription or contact details or anything. Knowing the strategy of how to offer the most appealing and exciting news, products, services or offers to the clients would be the landing page strategy to increase the conversion ratio. It is very important to know the Google Analytics and constantly following it to understand the entering points of website, exiting pages of the website, goal conversion for the leads and many more things to identify the areas of interest for the clients to capture maximum prospects.

Resolution to Socialize your business

According to the statistics people do spend quite an amount of time during the week on social media and connecting with them directly through the medium of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ will definitely get to closer to your audience. Making them aware of whats new and whats cooking for the website you are socializing for would bring you enormous traffic and hits on your website. Its a nice way to practice and definitely one should consider learning how to socialize for their business and design a campaign for the same.


2014 Resolution for Best SEO Strategies
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2014 Resolution for Best SEO Strategies
SEO is constantly updating and on going process. It is very important to adapt and implement the changing trends of SEO & make maximum use of new SEO Strategies.
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