Our Values that we cheris, breathe and live


We believe in understanding the pain areas of the businesses that we work with and come up with a breathtaking solution to resolve the pain area and surpass the expectations. We call it our way of empathizing.


Respect is the core in our DNA. We believe in mutual respect. Our team has managed to created a respectful environment for one another as well as for our customers. We strongly think respect unites us and helps us build stronger relationships with our customers.


The entire team at Techtic, has been in business for last 10 years with complete integrity by showcasing uncompromising moral principles. We live with integrity with our customers, coworkers & stakeholders to establish trust and interpersonal relationships.


We believe in emerging and we strongly promote youthfulness to keep ourselves current and constantly innovating, learning & evolving. Being in Tech, we strongly feel that youthfulness is extremely important to us to constantly stay ahead of the game by staying current.

Multi-cultural, Multi-national flock of talented employees!

The mission is endless, as Techtic will never stop growing and internet technologies have limitless growth projections. Our mission is to serve knowledge and expertise globally. We are on a mission for adopting new technologies, methodologies & innovations to attain customer satisfaction. Techtic has ingenious expertise and highly educated & experienced resources to devise this unique mission.

Join Us

We would like to invite you to not only get a job but also build a successful career with us. Join us by applying to [email protected] if you want to be part of interesting team of highly motivated, enthusiastic and creative people with whom you want to create the dent in the universe with your experience & expertise.


Our Story

The founder of the company was associated with Intel, Dialogic & some large corporations in tech-space. He decided to start his own boutique in New York, with global offices, helping customers with their problems. Coming up with digital solutions for any business has been a passion as well as mission of the company. Techtic is combination of every entrepreneur’s dream, hustle & success phases.


Steve Jobs -

If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you!
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