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Our Process

Heart of our process is transparency and we take our customers through the process to ensure they become part of the journey in product development.

How does the customer site look? – Frontend Features

Home page

The page has to be engaging and easy to navigate. So that when customers land on this page they can easily and intuitively browse through the entire Store.

UBBO - Home Page


The platform now has an upgraded Login or sign-up process that allows users to quickly get started with shopping. Users can also sign up with their Facebook, Google, or Apple account. And if users create their account with their email and forget the password they can easily reset it from the login page.

UBBO - Authentication

Buy a Box

It is the USP of the brand, a unique customizable box for personal care products. When a customer hits the “Buy a Box” feature on the platform, a zip code pop-up will appear. This is to let customers confirm if the brand delivers in their area before proceeding further.

UBBO - Buy a box

Product Section

The list shows every product with various brands. When a customer selects the brand the image of the same brand product will appear. customer is then can I add the product of the preferable brand into their subscription box.

UBBO - Product
UBBO - Delivery

Set up Delivery

After adding the desired items to the cart, customers will get options to set the frequency of their box delivery. For example, they can customize the timeline of delivery like if they want to receive the box every four weeks or 3 weeks.


Next to the delivery frequency of the box, customers will be redirected to the checkout page. The page is very subtle and expressive that customers can see their box package insights with item images and discount coupons (if any), and confirm their delivery address and payment method.

UBBO - Checkout
UBBO - Payment


he platform lets customers pay via Stripe and also supports cards to make recurring payments for customer subscriptions easy. The site also engages customers with a confirmation message to assure customers about their payment.

My Account

The customer’s kingdom, My profile/Account, where they can manage and save personal information, such as multiple addresses, payment methods, card details, subscriptions, and so on. They can also edit, cancel, or renew their subscription plans from here only.

UBBO - Account


The main concern for the existing website was its lack of performance and poor user experience, due to that they were not able to generate enough revenue.

Despite having an extremely useful service the brand growth was stagnant. Also, when we started looking into the website we realized that it was not responsive and hence had issues loading on different devices, which was also an important factor for poor performance.


The techtic team understood the client requirements and analyzed the challenges the brand was facing to address them intelligently. For example, to make checkout seamless for customers, we added payment gateways – Stripe, and Cards. To offer a truly customizable subscription plan, we said the Mix-Match Pro Add-on plugin. We also integrated the Zip code verify plugin to let customers find out if they can get the delivery even before they start shopping. And to make it effortless for the brand to run email marketing, Mailchimp integration was added too.


Not only personalized user experience for their prospects and customers, but Techtic also made their Admins’ job easier. Now the company can keep a close eye on its registered and subscribed users, products, product brands, and revenue, and generate weekly or monthly reports as well. They can now also manage and cater to their customers more efficiently by offering unique customer experiences as per their location.

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