5 Reasons How Native Mobile Apps are bringing revolution in Healthcare Industry

Sector: Digital Product, Technology

Author: Nisarg Mehta

Date Published: 10/19/2018

5 Reasons How Native Mobile Apps are bringing revolution in Healthcare Industry

Healthcare industry is one of the booming and ever growing industry. During each and every decade of time there has been a notable development in the healthcare industry. Right from the development of penicillin as the first antibiotic to the today’s world of hitech research.

Native mobile apps are the mobile apps developed in a specific programming language which is used for the coding of the native mobile app. This specific programming language makes the native mobile app compatible for some phones and not for other.

The native mobile apps developed for a particular platform of server can interact with and get excess to the features on that particular platform of software.

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The healthcare industry has been booming and growing. Today, in the world of smartphones, it has become a necessity that the patient and the doctors get connected via mobile apps. Hence, native mobile apps should be developed for the healthcare industry. Here are the reasons why healthcare industry needs native mobile apps.

Reasons why Healthcare Industry needs Native Mobile Apps

Healthcare industry has a variety of reasons why native mobile apps should be developed. Mobile apps help to bring further boom in the healthcare industry in various ways these are the reasons.

  1. Easy patient and doctor interaction
  2. Growth of knowledge
  3. Doctor to doctor interaction
  4. Interdepartmental communication
  5. Vendor connection to doctor

1. Easy Patient and Doctor Interaction

The native app helps in easy patient and doctor interaction. The patients do not need to go around looking for a doctor. The app will be able to suggest a good doctor according to the patient’s need. The patient can fix an appointment with the doctor through the app without going through the hassle of calling the hospital and waiting for the call to go through.

Also, if the doctor has ordered certain lab tests. The patients can upload the result on the app and the doctor can immediately view it on their phone. That the report will already be with the doctor before the patient reaches the doctor. Also, if it is nothing to worry about and just need a change in the dose of medicine the doctor can upload the change in the dose on the patient’s profile and the patient can get it while sitting at home instead of visiting the doctor.

The native apps also help in maintaining your healthy lifestyle. For example apple watch series 4 app has features installed in it, that not only helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle by measuring the calories, but also measures your heart rate. It also has an SOS feature, in it that can notify the medical practitioner immediately if something is not normal about your heart rate or if you are experiencing a heart attack.

The patient can also upload the prescription and get their medicines online through mobile apps. No need to rush to the medical store for monthly medicines. Also the patient’s medical records can be maintained on the app and becomes easier for the doctor’s to access in case of emergency.

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2. Growth of Knowledge

Doctor’s need to search a lot and make an informed decision depending on the patient’s symptoms for the care and treatment of the patient. Sometimes in emergency cases, the doctor does not have time to go through the books and printed version of journals. So, if there is an updated app on recent researches and available treatment options for a particular disease and symptoms, then the doctor can make an informed decision depending on the symptoms of the patient. So, the native mobile apps may also help in increasing the knowledge of the doctors and taking immediate decisions.

3. Doctor to Doctor Interaction

There are times a physician or a doctor may need a second opinion from another doctor. This doctor can be based anywhere in USA or world. If there is a native app connecting the doctors the physician sitting in a different city can interact with experts anywhere in the world to treat the patients. And can take good and informed decision.

4. Interdepartmental Communication

Hospitals should also have their own native apps. When a patient is admitted in the hospital, there are various tests that the doctor orders to do. If there is an interdepartmental native app, then the laboratory can upload the test results directly on the app. The doctor can come to know about the reports immediately, without delay and then through the app itself the doctor can tell the pharmacy in the hospital to provide so and so medicines to the patient admitted. The patient’s relatives can also pay money for the particular tests and the hospital services and doctor’s charge online through the app. This way you can maintain e-receipt of all the transactions.

5. Vendor Doctor or Vendor Hospital Connections

The doctors or the hospitals need to have a huge inventory. They need to buy equipments and medicines and many other stuff. In this also there is the need of the development of native mobile app. Native mobile app may be able to show to the registered hospitals and doctors, from where and what rate they can get their much needed equipments or can help them directly connect with the medical representatives for the new developed medicines and other wholesalers of the medicines from where they can buy in house medicines and injections.

Wrapping Up

Like we saw, technology was always bound to enhance all the aspects of the healthcare sector. Dealing with life, the healthcare sector does need the assistance of technology to simplify tasks and operations and optimize service delivery. So, get in touch if you want a native app developed for your healthcare business. We are a native apps building development company and we would ensure you get the most precise and efficient native app for your business needs.

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