React Native: Game of App Development – Infographic

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Author: Nisarg Mehta

Date Published: 04/03/2019

React Native Game of App Development – Infographic

Things move fast in the age of technology and many BIG changes took place quickly. In this fast changing technology world, Mobile Apps have become an integral part of operating system. Your mobile app’s performance and user experience (UX) are the key parameters to check the quality of an app. However, these days businesses and users look for many other attributes such as speed, performance, user interface (UI), navigation, compatibility, integration and scalability.

Mobile apps_Statista

React Native is a JavaScript framework created by Facebook, which is used to develop applications for iOS, Android, and Windows. React has emerged as a leading mobile app development platform.

The famous applications such as Facebook Ads Manager, Instagram, Bloomberg, AirBNB, Gyroscope, Myntra, and UberEats are built with React Native. The cross-platform compatibility, Native functionality, instant update, reusable code, pre-built components, simplified UI, modular architecture and third party plugin support are some of the advantages that makes it a favorable choice for businesses to build bespoke mobile apps.

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How to use React Native to emerge as a winner?

App development is no less than a battle. In addition, many developers are already in the battleground, trying to find their foot with this cross-platform weapon, i.e. React Native. Therefore, if you as a warrior (developer) want to emerge as victorious, you need to know the strategies that can make you a React Native pro. Remember, this platform is no less than a battlefield, and only the best out of the best can win.

So, it’s time to go ahead in the battlefield and pick up a few strategies. Here’s a mini infographic based on the favorite web series Game of Thrones that would open up your mind and help you ace your React native app development skills by taking inspiration from the mind-blowing characters of GOT. Winter might not be here but, with the below-mentioned tips, you surely are going to stay here in the competition for a long time.

Jon Snow - Be honest with your goals

Jon Snow

From getting names such as “illegitimate son” to the “King in the North”, Jon Snow is someone who never deters from his path and always keeps working honestly towards his goal.

In the context of React native, you can take inspiration from this character and stay true to your app development goal by giving a seamless experience to the user. From the right choice of navigation library to working towards native debugging, you should work extensively and provide the best user experience. While a thorough analysis of the navigation library is essential for proper navigation, debugging React native can be done by making use of Xcode on iOS and Android studio on Android.

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Arya Stark - Adaptability is the key to success

Arya Stark

From a Royal Princess to a kickass assassin, Arya Stark has emerged as an ultimate survivor with her ability to adapt in any situation.

React Native is strikingly similar to the features Arya Stark possesses. For instance, React Native needs upgradation at times to extract the usage of new features. But, there are specific difficulties in doing the necessary upgradation if there are pre-installed native modules linked through native code. However, you can modify it by removing the link of the native package while upgrading and relinking it all over again. So, you see, how adaptability can help you handle React Native like a pro.

Daenerys Targaryen - Enhance your skills and earn the loyalty of your clients

Daenerys Targaryen

We all know how the Mother of Dragons has a loyal army who has her back all the time. You too can have such a loyal client base by enhancing your skills and optimizing the performance of your app. One great way of doing so is to include images in the app and optimizing it at the server level for React native. Once you do this, you will see how your small client base transforms into a bigger one in no time. Remember, even Daenerys had a handful of soldiers when she started. Her hard work and determination made her the queen of Unsullied. If she can do so, you can do it too.

Jamie Lannister - Be strong, learn and take chances


This warrior is known for taking chances and emerging as a winner always. From his quick, anonymous expedition to Dorne to his mighty act of assassinating the Mad King, he has ever learnt and shown unique strength in whatever he did.

Similarly, to become a pro at React Native by learning the native code and languages like Swift (iOS), Java / Kotlin (Android) and Objective-C. Once you learn this, you can make extensive use of the API while taking into account native libraries for improved functionality.

React Native: Game of App Development - Infographic

Key Takeaways

  1. Choice of navigation platform is critical for the seamless performance of the app.
  2. Debugging is imperative and needs to be done through native platforms of Android Studio and Xcode.
  3. Timely upgradation is essential for proper functionality of the app.
  4. Optimized images are the key to speed up performance.

Let us know your thoughts. However, if you are looking for a reliable and experienced React Native App Development Company for hiring a team of expert React Native App Developer to build your next mobile app, then you can schedule or fix a call with our executives to discuss it in detail.

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