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Node JS, a runtime event-driven JavaScript is one of the most preferred JavaScript frameworks. It is efficient, scalable, lightweight and similar to the Event Machine of Ruby or Twisted of Python.

Node JS Development Company

We're a leading Node JS web development company

When you have already made your mind to go with Node JS development services for your website, it is equally important to choose the right Node JS Development Company who has the expertise to build large-scale enterprise website applications.

Techtic Solutions is one of the most trusted provider of Node JS web application development, with extensive experience in building real time applications and delivering some of the most complex backend solutions using the Node JS framework.

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Node JS Web Application Development

Node JS web application development to build seamless enterprise apps

Techtic Solutions has extensive experience in building some of the most complex backend solutions using Node JS – delivering seamless and cost-effective solutions to build scalable network applications.

Our Node JS backend developers have not only been harnessing this open–source cross-platform JavaScript to build some awesome real-time network application, but have invested sizeable time to innovate solutions using the agile-based methodology. Get in touch with us if you are looking to hire Node JS developers with proven track record in building large-scale enterprise website apps using the Node JS framework.

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Node JS App Development Services

Our Node JS app development services include

Fortune 500 companies have adopted Node JS for its beautiful framework, architecture, scalability and security. We advocate for Node JS app development services for the same reasons.

  • Custom Node JS Application Development
  • Node JS Web Application Development
  • Node JS API Development & Integration
  • Backend Management & Maintenance
  • Node JS migration and updation
  • Node JS Server side Development
  • Node JS Backend Development

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Custom Node JS Application Development

Node JS offers some of the most amazing features

Our extremely talented team of Node JS developers have been vocal about how feature rich and amazing Node JS is.

  • Serves as proxy server
  • Used to stream data from different sources
  • Facilitate faster development of applications
  • Inbuilt NPM packages are used for IoT development
  • Helps build scalable network apps
  • Great speed & efficiency to build real-time apps
  • Incredible features to build ‘real-time’ chats
  • Facilitates programs that require event-based
  • Event loop that performs all I/O operations asynchronously
  • Energizes NPM that allows designers to make preparations

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Hire Node JS Developers

Partner with us to hire Node JS developers

Are you looking to build your most ambitious web application using the Node JS framework, but lack skilled resources for the same?

You can leave all your worries to Techtic, as we have one of the most experienced team of Node JS backend developers for hire. Get in touch with us to hire senior Node JS developers who can help build a highly scalable, fast and productive web application from scratch to deployment without any hassles. Moreover, Node JS backend developers at Techtic are known for their hands-on experience in working on large scale projects across industry verticals, and always stay updated with the latest updates.

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What is meant by NodeJS?
People often misinterpret Node.js to be a programming language. However, you should note, that it is neither a framework nor a language, or even a library. It is actually a runtime environment, allowing the developers to execute JavaScript on the side of the server. Presently, numerous established companies like LinkedIn, Netflix, Walmart and Groupon are using Node.js in their backend.
Do I own the ownership and the code of my NodeJS Project?
Yes, we will give you code ownership after the completion of NodeJS Web Application Development. However, in some cases, depends on the NDA terms, then we claim ownership.
Which methodologies and tools do you use for NodeJS Web Application project management?
We are using Agile project development methodology for meeting deadlines. Meanwhile, we also use cutting-edge project management tools to monitor and manage every phase of NodeJS Web Application development.
  • Jira
  • Basecamp
  • Trello
  • Slack
Where to host your NodeJS Web Application?
Here, Techtic provides recommended hosting providers to host your NodeJS Web Application.
  • Elastic Beanstalk
  • Azure
  • Xervo
  • RedHat OpenShift
  • Heroku
Why should I Choose NodeJS over other Framework?
Here are some reasons on why should you prefer NodeJS over other frameworks:
  • Boosts Productivity, Performance
  • Increases Speed, Fuels Efficiency
  • Proxy Server to the Rescue
  • Supports IoT
  • Makes for Real-Time Web Application
  • Stimulate Sharing
  • Data Streaming
  • Most Developers Know JavaScript
  • Resolves All Database Queries
  • Community Friendly
  • Enables Micro-service Architecture
  • Written code is compatible with multiple platforms
  • Rapid MVP (minimum viable product) delivery
  • Cheap hosting
Will you provide me support after launch of NodeJS Web Application Project?
After successfully completed project, our NodeJS developer team is always eager to help clients if client need help.
How can I track the progress of my NodeJS Web Application Project?
We interact regularly with client and send every day work progress report to client. We provide demo of every successful project development stage to client. Meanwhile, client get updates from project management tools like Jira, Trello, etc.
What development process do you follow for NodeJS Development?
Our NodeJS Development Process
  • Phase I – Kickoff Meeting
  • Phase II – Project Management & Resource Allocation
  • Phase III – Mockup Design
  • Phase IV – Agile Development – Programming & Quality Assurance
  • Phase VII – Final Deployment
What are the hiring models for NodeJS Development Service?
We offers fixed time/price model or fixed dedicated resource model for your NodeJS Web Application Development. You can choose hiring model as per your project requirement.
Why should I outsourcing NodeJS Web Application development work?
Here are some of the key benefits of outsourcing NodeJS Web Application development work:
  • Cost-effective
  • Save development times
  • Option for Hiring best talents/developers
  • Reduce Risk
  • Multiple technology experts under one roof
  • Provide high quality service and professionalism
  • Focus on new work
  • Work flexibility according to your time-zone
Why should I choose Techtic for NodeJS Web Application development?
You can choose Techtic for NodeJS Web Application development because:
  • Highly experienced NodeJS developers
  • 24*7 Robust supports team
  • Deliver project on time and in budget
  • Agile Development Process
  • Transparent communication and development process
  • Good testimonials and client reviews
  • Excellent coding standards
  • Customer-centric Approach
  • Result-oriented strategies
How much does it cost to develop NodeJS Web Application?
The development cost of NodeJS Web Application is totally depends upon on the requirements of the project. To know the exact details of the cost to develop NodeJS Web Application, get in touch with us to get estimated budget-friendly pricing or you can email us at [email protected].
How much time will it take to develop my NodeJS Web Application?
To be honest, it depends. It depends upon the size of your NodeJS Web Application project and factors like features and functionalities you want to have in your NodeJS Web Application project. To precisely understand in-detail please, you can email us your NodeJS Web Application project requirement at [email protected] or directly get in touch with us today.
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