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Our Process

Heart of our process is transparency and we take our customers through the process to ensure they become part of the journey in product development.


The website now supports multiple languages so that visitors from all around the world feel welcome, navigate effortlessly, and understand every service the company offers to inquire about or choose the right one.


To capture the attention of the visitors from the very first interaction, the homepage is designed with maximum interactivity, delivering an insightful experience to make them curious to keep exploring and end up being a qualified leads.


From how the company started, its team, a number of happy customers, and projects, the “About” section on the website adds up the trustworthiness by giving crucial insights into the company culture.

Pile of Projects

This page treasures all the significant software applications the company has developed, launched, and is operating successfully. Visitors can even check out every project details what was the requirement and how the company met every customer’s expectations.


The company has turned the ideas of many customers into reality, ascending them to new heights with their outstanding app solutions, and if there is a place to find out who those ideas belong, the Client section is that.


Since the client offers a flexible and agile working environment, competitive salary and growth opportunities, and a lot more benefits, they have dedicated a page focusing on their team expansion where they list current openings. Now, candidates can quickly analyze the job description and their eligibility and apply directly without leaving the website.

Live Chat

No matter what time it is, visitors can get answers to any common query because now the client’s site has an efficient chatbot.


Web and Mobile app development, UI/UX design, or consulting, potential customers can know bits and bytes about every service the company offers, including how many projects they have delivered and the professionals they have for the same.

Admin features with powers to control the entire website

  • Dashboard for a quick analytical overview.
  • Manage to post on the Career page.
  • Manage image, video, blog, and other content on every web page.
  • Respond to and manage Customer request.
  • Create and Run Marketing campaign via notifications.
  • Newsletter Promotional, Communications.
  • Manage Business Rules.


It is a well-reputed company from Austria, offering global customers mobile, web, and other software services. Being internationally recognized, the company wanted to elevate its own digital presence. At the same time, they wanted to drive more eyeballs to the project they had successfully accomplished. In addition to that, designing appealing and intuitive navigation was one of their primary requirements.


In the light of the client requirements, we had to create a platform with unique features and user-friendly navigation that steer visitors to see and analyze live software they have built and customers’ feedback they have received. Thanks to our experts, we could overcome all the obstacles we encountered, such as:

  • Creating unique design and intuitive user experience;
  • Spotting lacking points and addressing them strategically;
  • Chatbot creations to enable the client to serve customer inquiries efficiently;
  • Making every page on the website informative and accessible with simple navigation;
  • Building a multilingual website to welcome customers from every corner of the world.


All the research, analysis, and diligence of our team resulted in a well-structured website, delivering consistent and optimized performance. Navigating the website is now more instinct that customers can easily explore their services and projects and know more about the client. On the other hand, the client can implement their marketing strategy using marketing automation, notifications, newsletters, etc., to achieve their marketing goals.

Our articulately developed solution helped the client to gain more visibility on their targeted pages and attract a significantly increased number of potential leads.

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Daniel Protz - CEO of Flavorwikivideo

My name is Daniel and I am the CEO of Flavorwiki. We used Techtic Solutions and specifically developer name Chintan for several months to scale up our product development. Team is very professional and they respect the work order given to them.

CEO @Flavorwiki


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