A Wellness eCommerce Brand Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Astounding Growth

Wellness eCommerce Shopify Plus Store - HiFirst Day


First Day Vitamins, a leading online health and wellness brand, aimed to enhance their online shopping experience but faced challenges such as checkout payment issues, margin problems on the customer portal, and the need for website speed optimization. Seeking expert assistance, they partnered with Techtic Solutions. Our team conducted a thorough website audit, collaborated with the client to propose effective solutions, and implemented necessary improvements. Discover how Techtic’s expertise helped First Day Vitamins overcome these challenges and achieve significant enhancements in their digital presence.


increase in Revenue


increased AOV


increase in Conversion Rate


increase in Number of Orders

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Digital Commerce

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Shopify, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Clickup


eCommerce Maintenance Support and Marketing Analytics Support
Shopify Plus eCommerce Development - HiFirst Day

The brand’s path to success was riddled with obstacles that tested its resilience. From struggling with payment integration for seamless checkout experiences to combating margin issues that affected profitability, every step seemed arduous. Additionally, their website suffered from sluggish speed, hindering user experience and driving potential customers away.


Speed optimization For Website Performance.

Techtic conducted a comprehensive audit of the brand’s website, providing recommendations and implementing optimization techniques to improve loading times and overall performance.

Multi Vitamins Gummies - Shopify Plus eCommerce Store -HiFirst Day
Health and Wellness eCommerce Store Development - HiFirst Day


Enhanced Tracking Capabilities For Accurate Data Analysis

Techtic identified and excluded unknown bots from Google Analytics reports, ensuring accurate data analysis and decision-making.

Shopify Plus Development - HiFirst Day


Klaviyo integration and troubleshooting

Techtic successfully resolved issues related to Klaviyo email flows, including cart abandonment and JavaScript functionality, enabling effective communication with customers.

Shopify Development - Wellness eCommerce Store - HiFirst Day
Health and Wellness Shopify eCommerce Store - First Day


Schema implementation for SEO

Techtic added schema code to the brand’s products, assisting the SEO team in optimizing search engine visibility and driving organic traffic.

Daily Mutivitamins Gummies - Shopify Development - HiFirst Day


UTM tracking implementation For Marketing Campaigns

Techtic enabled the brand to capture and replicate UTM information, ensuring accurate tracking of marketing campaigns and attributing conversions correctly.



Landing page and PDP enhancements

Techtic collaborated with the brand to redesign and improve the landing pages and product detail pages (PDP) using Shogun and Shopify, enhancing visual appeal and responsiveness.


Techtic stepped in as a reliable partner, ready to tackle these daunting challenges head-on. With expertise and dedication, first, we integrated Google Pay and Apple Pay seamlessly. Then, resolved margin issues, optimized website speed for lightning-fast performance, and ensured accurate tracking and analytics.

We couldn’t be unfair with the website navigation. So, our team enhanced it, making the user experience smooth as butter. Lastly, we successfully fixed email flow problems for effective marketing and branding, implemented SEO schema for improved visibility, and enabled efficient UTM tracking.

Shopify eCommerce Development Store - Daily Multivitamins - HiFirst Day


The partnership with Techtic bore fruit beyond expectations, propelling the brand toward unprecedented growth and profitability. The remarkable results speak volumes about the expertise and dedication of our team.

  • Revenue witnessed a staggering 461% increase, highlighting the brand’s newfound market traction.
  • The Average Order Value (AOV) saw a remarkable boost of 15%, solidifying the brand’s ability to drive higher-value purchases.
  • Sales figures reached an astonishing $14.25 million, skyrocketing by an impressive 146%.
  • Conversion rates also surged by 9.24%, showcasing the brand’s enhanced ability to convert visitors into loyal customers.
  • Lastly, the number of orders experienced an incredible 115% surge, reinforcing the brand’s growing popularity and customer trust.

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