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  • Android Application, iOS Application, and Admin Panel

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Social Media Login

This module will allow the users to log in through their social media accounts.


This module allows users to explore new places of various categories.


The user can easily filter nearby travel places through their specific categories.


The user can recommend and suggest any place to other application users.


Map This module assists in finding travel places on Map and getting directions to reach out to any specific area from a current location.

Place Listing

This module allows users to create their favorites travel place list. The admin can manage the list of different cities.


This module allows users to expand their destination group by connecting with other application users.

Report Comments

This feature allows users to report any inappropriate comments. The admin can manage reported comments submitted by application users.


Thinking of the next travel destination is challenging. People might forget which was the place they wanted to visit next time or their friend went last time, be it a hotel, club, staycation or a holiday.

While brainstorming internally, we realized that Camber should have a unique interface that enables travel enthusiasts to explore their nearby tour & trip places with various categories such as Food, Places, and Hotels. The platform was intended to get more details about travel users, connect with other users and create a favorites place list. As a traveller, any user could share information in a well-structured approach with other users about a new place he has visited.

Some of the critical sides of the project that had to be incorporated consist of:

  • Segregate each user based on their interests, preferences, past travels, and interactions with their friends
  • Find distinct places on Map and get directions to reach out to any specific area from the existing location
  • Expand your group by connecting with other application users
  • Report any inappropriate comment


  • Implement a library that facilitates real-time, bidirectional, and event-based interactions between the application and the server.
  • Enable implementation in the React Native technology.
  • Google Map offers a Place ID to identify any specific and accurate place on Map. So, our challenge here was to implement Google Map functionality in our application to import various locations in our application through Plus Code rather than using Place ID.


  • We built the TS Camber app from the traveller’s perspective, enhanced user experiences, and attracted travellers to explore destinations virtually.
  • Now you have one application that can offer you access to real-time travel data and insights.
  • The app enables communities and groups to find more similar travellers.

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