Joomla SecuritySecurity of the website has always been one of the most decisive, critical and necessary aspect for any website owner and his concerns rose to his Web Development Company. One of the most mature and stable content management system Joomla, even though has high security parameters, and being considered as one of the most valuable and secure platforms, also have few security concerns. But in this web world and changing trends of web programming, all problems have solutions, period! And we are here to discuss one adequate, competent and profitable solution.

Though Joomla! has become one of the most powerful Open Source CMS being used by millions across the globe, we wonder why we come across a lot of forums on its website security. Unless you use SSL, an individual gets into Joomla sending his password in simple plain text across the network. A malicious user can take advantage of this vulnerability.

There are many security measures webmasters can take advantage of, but encryption of the back end URL is an inch above the best and highly recommended by programming enthusiasts throughout the world. For example, if the default backend link of a Joomla site is, you are required to have your programmer encrypt the backend to something more difficult, like This will prevent the backend to be visible to anyone and everyone. As far as the FTP is concerned, the server has to be secured for preventing anyone to get inside the FTP.

Though very generic, below points needs to be duly noted.

  • The webmaster needs to make sure that if the password changes; you will be the first person to be notified on your email.
  • The User ID should be never very generic. You are inviting trouble if you are using admin, administrator, your name and company’s name.
  • Keep the passwords as the most difficult ones. Use auto generated passwords.
  • Change the passwords frequently.
  • Do not save the passwords in your machine.

The Web Development Company working on your new Joomla website, would definitely be aware these security measures but becomes your responsibility to have them do the needful. It is always a good practice to be educated with this, so that in the world of evil hackers, we can always protect our brand, website and efforts, by continuously educating our staff and ourselves and implement the finest and leading security measures.

Let’s take the advantage of this user friendly, efficient and dynamic CMS to the maximum without compromising the security of the content, data and any useful resources of the website.

Your first parameter to judge your web company should not only be the impressive design skills, but what steps they take to secure your website when completed. Look and feel of the site is always important, but the programming algorithms and security awareness are very critical and crucial parameters. Are they really equipped and educated to handle the most complex security fraud? I LEAVE THIS QUESTION TO YOU BEFORE SIGNING OFF.

Joomla!™ Backend Encryption – Recommended!
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Joomla!™ Backend Encryption – Recommended!
Joomla is stable, mature and secure CMS. It is a choice for the web owners, to further secure the website using backend encryption and secured server options.
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