Things You Should Know Before Hiring Angular Developers

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Author: Nisarg Mehta

Date Published: 06/21/2022

Things You Should Know Before Hiring Angular Developers

Things You Should Know Before Hiring Angular Developers

Hiring the right Angular developer is the most important step if you want to create a high-quality enterprise-level web application.

Angular is the most popular and preferred Javascript framework due to Angular’s extensive feature set and high functionality.

Organizations prefer it because it has the potential to push large extensible web applications.

Internet behemoths, such as Forbes, PayPal, Sony, and Netflix, use Angular as their programming language to create web applications.

Many Angular development firms are on the lookout for the best in the industry, and hiring managers are ruthless when it comes to leveraging the right skills from the right candidate.

As a result, if you want to hire an Angular developer to join your web development team, you need to be familiar with it. This will assist you in detecting and comprehending the appropriate talents that your team needs while recruiting. Here, we will go over some basics that you should know before hiring a developer!

What do Angular Developers Do?

Angular developers are skilled programmers who possess experience and theoretical knowledge in software engineering. To become an Angular developer, one must be an excellent Javascript programmer and proficient in the Angular framework. The primary job of an Angular developer is to implement a complete user interface (front-end) in the form of web and mobile apps.

The front-end developers build the user interfaces for web and mobile applications. They use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a website or mobile app’s structure, design, and behavior. Front-end developers choose the best tools for the job: frameworks like AngularJS or libraries like jQuery.

They ensure that their code is accessible and compatible across many devices and browsers so that users can access it on any device they choose. Front-end developers work closely with project managers, designers, backend developers, and clients to determine what technology solutions will work best for each project.

Angular developers use best practices to create a streamlined user experience and a first-class codebase. They ensure that modules and components are independent, reusable, and testable.

They design Angular projects that make technical and design decisions that align with the business objectives. They deliver value-adding features and functionality for users by following best practices.

The idea Angular developer writes application code and conducts unit tests in the Angular, Rest Web Services, Java, and Ruby technologies.

He/she is required to conduct functional and performance testing and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for applications developed in these technologies. They are responsible for identifying and troubleshooting errors and improving the overall performance and stability of the applications developed for the center.

Angular developers are responsible for the following tasks in addition to building Angular applications:

  • The creation of a full and functional application
  • ensuring that the program runs well on mobile and desktop platforms
  • Implementing JavaScript, HTML, and CSS components in a tried-and-true manner
  • Organize the workflow of the HTML programmer, graphic designer, and Angular developers.
  • Constructing a RESTful API in collaboration with backend developers
  • Frequently contacting external web services
  • These obligations may be added or withdrawn depending on the specific conditions of each firm.

Angular Developer Skills That You Need to Look For

Angular Developer Skills

Angular CLI:

The Angular command-line interface (CLI) is a tool we can use to generate new projects and add functionality to existing ones. The CLI works by generating code based on a configuration file, eliminating the need for us to write all of it by hand.

The Angular CLI also makes sure that our code adheres to best practices as determined by the team at Google. In addition, the CLI allows us to add services, modules, new components, etc., to an existing application.

Knowledge of Core JavaScript and TypeScript:

The AngularJS framework is based on TypeScript. TypeScript enables you to avoid coding errors and creates readable code by creating your types using interfaces.

It is impossible to avoid the advantages of automatic code completion in modern IDEs. Additionally, the Angular team provides the TSC (TypeScript Compiler), which enables check and auto-completion of templates inline and externally with an in-house language service. Plugins are available for most IDEs (VSCode, Sublime, and Webstorm).

Our team of experienced Angular professionals is ready to handle all your Angular development requirements.

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Mobile Apps preferred Over Web

NPM (Node Package Manager):

Node Package Manager (NPM) is a command-line utility for installing and managing node.js packages. It is used to install client-side packages, including those not related to AngularJS. Developers must know how to install various NPM packages using this command-line tool.

Responsive Design:

Responsive design—designing a website so its layout can change based on the size of the device it is being viewed on—is an important skill for web developers in an age where people are using their smartphones, tablets, and laptops to access the internet.


RxJS is a library of reactive programming with various observable streams. Observable streams let you perform common tasks such as making HTTP requests for data. RxJS provides utility functions that make it easy to convert existing asynchronous operations into observables.

Version Control:

GIT provides you the freedom to experiment with your code. You can use GIT to keep track of changes and manage bugs or issues for a web application. The best thing about GIT is that you can easily go back to an old version of your code if you need to fix something.

With GIT, you can store the history (version control) of changes made by multiple people working together on an application. It makes it easy to evolve your app to new versions without worrying about breaking existing functionality.


The main technologies for web development—are essential for an Angular developer to have in-depth knowledge. You can build web applications fast using Angular as it provides essential building blocks.

However, these applications should be rendered in the browser using HTML and CSS. Using Angular and other style libraries, you can deliver fast, beautiful apps; however, you need to understand how things work and what you need to do at a particular time to achieve that exact look you are trying to make.

Testing and debugging:

It is a basic step for every web development process. So this is essential in an Angular developer’s skill set.

Teamwork and commitment:

When working with others, a successful Angular developer must be able to work well with other people and make a positive impact on a team. In addition, he or she should be deeply committed to his or her work and, no matter what should be able to deliver on time.

What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing an Angular Developer?

Outsourcing from a development company has multiple benefits. Such companies have a large and varied talent pool that can cater to different kinds of projects and requirements.

Lower development cost-friendly:

You will save a good amount of money by outsourcing your web development assignments. Thus, making it affordable and a good alternative to this tedious work.

High Expertise:

As their staff has experience working on various projects and can put you in touch with an experienced team of developers. This guarantees that the necessary results are obtained for their team, and they’ll surely put in as much hard work as needed.

Implementing the latest technologies:

Each web development customer has unique requirements. An offshore outsourcing firm is up to date on all current technology and works appropriately.

Speedy Deployment:

It is critical to complete tasks on schedule. Outsourcing Angular development can allow you to complete projects on schedule, thus, keeping them in pace with the deadline assigned.

Enhanced Flexibility:

Angular outsourcing companies improve the flexibility of the project. Users can create elaborate data binding, templates, and forms while using the same framework.

Since Angular comes with a sophisticated design architecture and server performance, it is extremely convenient. Moreover, it is one of the best JavaScript frameworks to date.

This framework reaps huge benefits for business enterprises that implement it. For this reason, its popularity has increased around the globe in recent years. Some of the most popular AngularJS applications are WhatsApp, Google Fiber, and Avito.

Additional Considerations While Hiring an Angular Developer

Gather your Requirements

Before you hire an Angular developer be sure about your requirements. You must know why exactly you need an Angular developer? How can the person help you with your projects? Before finalizing one for your project, it is important to mention all the points to the developer.

Prepare the Right Questions

Before you hire an Angular developer, you should be prepared with questions. Let us look at some of the questions you should ask:

  • Ask the developers about Angular. Let them convince you why Angular is the right choice for your business.
  • Ask the developer about how much time they need to finish the project. You need the work to be delivered on time. Hence, you should see how long it would take to them get the work done.
  • Ask the developer if they are ready to make revisions to the project. There might be gaps in communication as well as connectivity. So, the developer should agree to make changes to the project as and when needed.
  • It might be that the project is not delivered on time. In such cases, the developer should bear some losses as well. This must be made clear to the developer.
  • It is important to get updates on the progress of the project. You must get monthly or weekly updates on the project from the developer.

Verify their Profile, Past Work, and Experience

Before hiring an Angular developer, you must check their portfolio and see their previous work. When you hire a web developer, you should go through the different websites they have developed.

There might be chances that the developer shares websites that they have not worked on. Hence, hiring developers from different web development companies is a good idea.

Ask for a Demo/Start with Small Tasks to Check for Common Mistakes

If you are hiring a local developer, you would like to be sure about the quality of work they are producing. So, it is best to start assigning them small tasks and see how they are performing in such cases.

Start by asking the developer to work on a demo and show you the results. This will help you assess their performance and quality of work.

Get in an Agreement

Based on the qualifications, skills, and experience you need to finalize the developer. Once done, you must come to an agreement based on the job and other requirements.

Everything should be on paper, and the job description and salary should be mentioned properly. An agreement is made to bind the developer and the client based on the services which are being provided. However, the papers are important as they are needed to handle any dispute that might arise later on.

Keep track of the progress

Hiring a developer is just not enough. You need to keep track of their performance over time. You need to see whether the developer can meet your expectations. Once hired, they should be able to add value to the project you have started.

What Kind of Outsourcing Should You Opt For?

Local Talent/Onshore

Onshore outsourcing, is also called domestic outsourcing. It is the process of obtaining the services from someone not within the company but in the same country. Onshore and offshore outsourcing are completely different. It is the process of obtaining services from people or other companies outside the company.


Offshore outsourcing is a kind of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) which is a process of exporting IT-related tasks from the US and other countries to global regions where there is stability and labor cost, and tax savings.


With technological advancement, it has become important to hire Angular developers.

The best solution is to outsource Angular developers from various companies. Hiring dedicated remote developers will help you find highly talented Angular developers.

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