Google I/O 2018: News From The Keynote

Full Keynote of Google I/O 2018:

1) Android P:

Though Android P will only officially launch in the summer of 2018, a lot of handsets such as Google, Nokia, OnePlus, Sony and Mi already have the updated public beta version of Android P. With the introduction of Android P, the three-button navigation will cease to exist. It will be replaced with a digital dashboard with an entirely new look. This Dashboard will only show you the time that you spend on your device, the number of notifications received as well as the number of times that your phone has been unlocked. Major Key interactions can be done with gestures as in the case of an iPhone.

2) Google Voice Assistant:

Google will release six new voice varieties for you to pick from as your voice assistant. What’s more is that one of the voices chosen is that of John Legend, a famous singer. This is all done to help the user pick a voice that they are probably familiar with. Also, since AI is being used, new voices can be developed in a couple of weeks as opposed to years. Tech Insider reported it and a glimpse of it is below.

3) Gmail and Smart Compose:

In 2017, Google introduced the “Smart Reply” feature which made it a whole lot easier to reply to emails that were incoming. Google’s plans for Gmail in 2018 is to introduce a feature called as “Smart Compose” which uses Artificial Intelligence to help draft emails at a faster rate from scratch. How this works is that Gmail will prompt and help you complete your sentences when you are typing. A lot like auto-complete, it suggests sentences that you can add to your email including contextual phrases. One major advantage of this is the reducing of spelling and grammatical errors while drafting out your email. For the time being, you can select the “Try the new Gmail” option in the settings tab of your Gmail account to check out the temporary access.

4) Google Photos:

Another major update is concerning Google Photos. Google Photos will now have a lot of new editing features. While swiping through your gallery, the photos are auto-analysed, and recommendations to fix parameters such as brightness will pop up. Also, you can convert an original black and white photo into colour. Apart from this, you can also enhance your background by either adding a pop of colour to it or by making it black and white.

IO Social 2018

5) Google Duplex:

During the keynote address, the CEO, Sundar Pichai played a recording of the Google Assistant establishing a call with a hair salon for an appointment. What was truly astonishing was how legit the conversation sounded, as if it were two humans communicating with each other. The Google Assistant even made sounds such as “mhmm” when asked to hold. There was no robotic voice-like feel, and this was all possible because of AI, thus making sure that the salon employee did not even realise that she was talking to the Google Assistant. The appointment was also scheduled seamlessly and the schedule added to the calendar.

6) Augmented Reality and Google Maps:

Though the exact date when this feature will be released is not known, Google is said to introduce an element that deals with augmented reality in Google Maps. By using this feature, you can navigate all across the city by foot. The combination of the visual location technology, the camera as well as the Street View will help pinpoint your exact location. By doing so, directions to your destination will be effectively seen floating ahead.

Feel free to share your views on comments on how successful journey Google is about to embark upon. Lets share the views and ideas in the comments.

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