Custom CMS or Open Source CMS, Where & Why?

The content management system has been divided into two large segments. Custom CMS and Open Source CMS. First this article would cover what each one means and then will detail on which one is useful along with some example case studies.

What is a Custom CMS?

Custom CMS usually is built for that very website and the requirement of a certain website, which lot of times misinterpreted as if its Development Company’s proprietary CMS. Custom-built content management system is purely built keeping the website’s functionalities in mind. Most importantly it is for clients who has a large pool of data in the website collected in database using plethora of functionalities which may not be built using open source CMS without having to do too much of customization.

What is an Open Source CMS?

Open Source CMS is for majority of the small and medium scale websites and sometimes large websites where the content is simpler and the content management system is managing the content or eCommerce store or forms or blog. Such CMS are very popular since they address the majority of the businesses. WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal are open source platforms where the website, eCommerce stores, blogs, forums and plenty of things can be built using its inbuilt features or with the help of millions of plugins available for these platforms.

Why and Where of Custom CMS!

Custom CMS will be a proprietary CMS for that very business and will function as per the requirement of the website application. This means that it will not have too many unused files, scripts and code snippets which are completely unused. This would also mean that the website’s performance can be improved to a drastic level using custom CMS and yet it offers the interface as per the will of the website owner.

Custom built content management systems take plenty of hours to code and that is definitely the down side of it, because it increases the budget for the customers and also increases the development cycle. Such CMS should be used for larger systems where the open source CMS will lag or will need too much of customizations to address a solution which can be easily attained by few lines of code in custom CMS. Again, custom CMS development is certainly a tricky job since web development companies should have enormous experience in building such system in order to assure seamless functioning of the website.

Certainly, this could be a perfect fit for any business, which has a complex web application idea and have a perfect team of web developers who are adept at using perfect methodologies of programming practices with good experience. Certainly with such professional team of developers one will never have any issues going forward and in case of changing the development team for maintenance, any other programming expert will be able to understand and code the website easily for any future enhancements.

There are numerous horrifying examples we have come across, where the website owners are stuck with the development company, who used their so-called proprietary CMS and they misinterpreted that as custom CMS for their own business.

Why and Where of Open Source CMS!

Open Source CMS are very well coded, secure and have largest communities to find any kind of help by going to their community forums. There is a large volume of businesses using open source CMS for their business since they need a beautiful website with pages, ecommerce and few other features which can be easily met by open source CMS. For example, WordPress offers an amazing interface for administrative controls, blogging, page creation and much more. Moreover, it has plethora of plugins available to serve majority of the requirements of the website owner and have finest community to take support from, in case if you are stuck.

The development cycle is reduced due to the core of the CMS already built and hence it costs way too less than a custom CMS. These open source CMS are updated periodically and keeps improving their code to offer better user experience to the website owners as well as to the visitors of the website. There are higher numbers of developers who can help you with development and hence dependencies on single Web Development Company are not even a question.

Do let us know your thoughts and feel free to send us the case studies to let us observe which one you have opted for and why?

Kishan Gediya - Head of Open Source Department Kishan Gediya

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