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  • UI/UX Design
  • Design Direction
  • Laravel
  • Angular
  • MySQL
  • GIT
  • Socket Io
  • Redis server
  • Samsung SmartThing Hub
  • Water presence Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Pressure Sensor
  • Door open close sensor

Our Process

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Our engineering team created an amazing dashboard to display real time activity statistics of a patient or a household senior. The data will show activities like, sleep pattern, sanitary/hygeine habits, use of bathroom, walk pattern, medication etc.

This allowed a significant confidence in senior care facilities to identify the seniors who are good.

Dashboard - Remote Home Check - Healthcare IoT Project

Behavior Analysis

This is a finest algorithm designed to show history for selected household, based on their behavioural analysis. The algorithm is designed to even display the activities for any particular behaviour for any particular day.

Behavior Analysis

Household Management

The households are being managed from the backend our engineering team created where we can not only add new households and manage them but also hook them with their activities and behavioural analysis making them ready to be analysed in no time.

Household Management

Insight Status

Each hardware associated with the household represents a specific task, and hence it is of paramount importance that the message it sends to the care facility should be carefully articulated. We created a backend area where, the hardware can be configured to represent individual notification.

Insight Status

Device Management

There are multiple hardware devices that are part of the overall system. Which means, managing their role is representation was inevitable in order to avoid confusions. Moreover, cluster of devices together, represents a particular event as well. So, the device management ensures that each device is added, logged and functions properly.

Device Management


The administrator has plenty of bells and whistles. Starting from adding users, clients, devices, user role management, dashboard with monthly statistics, and permissions management.

Administrator Dashboard
Administrator Dashboard


Based on the needs of the senior or a patient, the medical conditions, size of the house they are in, and more importantly their willingness to be in safe monitored area, there are multiple hardware sensors combinations that are added as packages which can be purchased from the website and the packages are also categorized in multiple ways to ensure the correct package is delivered to the user.


The system is ready to handle large data sets and has the ability to compute each household’s real-time data instantly and the data can be interpreted easily in volumes of over 100K data pointers at any given point.

The result was overwhelming where the MVP itself got greatest offers and couple of senior care facilities were ready to get them installed and also endorsed that they haven’t seen anything so amazingly well designed architecture for handling seniors without any mobile device, straps on hands or anything on them.


Real time tracking of household, able to get continues update of the user activities based on device active and inactive status.

Activity history for household, check activity of any day of the user based on activity history of user.

Real time activity statistics, able to get the activity statistics for the user based on history.

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