At the recent Google Analytics Summit, GA team has announced/shared some exciting new features and functionalities. These new features will empower analysts and can provide great insight than ever before. Let’s take a closer look at each feature and learn how we can use them to convert our clients.

The 2013 Summit is focused on three major enhancements: Access, Empower and Act.



There are features and fixes designed to make accessing useful information about the usage of the websites quicker and easier than ever.

Google Tag Manager:

This is a fantastic addition and it is going to be exceptionally time saver for all the developers as with the help of GTM one can track events without the need of HTML – no more custom code needed. This Auto Event Tracking lets marketers deploy and iterate their measurement campaigns faster.

Enterprise SLA (Service Level Agreement) for Google Tag Manager

This feature is an incredible compliment to the new Google Analytics Premium features providing guarantees, implementation services and support that enterprises expect. This feature will be rolling out Q4 2013 for GA Premium users.

Upgrade to Universal Analytics Tool

This is an amazing feature that is going to help new Analytics users and a lot of us to get on “Universal Analytics”. With this upgraded tool one can upgrade an existing “classic Analytics” to the new “UA” (Universal Analytics) without any data loss; it enables users to take advantage of cross domain tracking and advanced setup options. Universal Analytics (UA) is going to change the way analysts look at the data.

Account Management API for User Management

With this new Google Analytics Enterprise APIs larger organizations can now manage all their users with programmatic control. It means you can add multiple users’ access to a GA account at the same time. This is extremely useful feature which will save great amount of time and minimizes effort to give access to employees.
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Empower is specially designed to give you the ability to use the data and insights to drive improvements. Comparatively better to have the whole conversion funnel together, showing reports based on 3 columns: called as ABC Reporting (Acquisition, Behaviors & Conversions)


Acquisition had replaced the formerly section known as “Traffic Sources” on the left hand navigation. This report is divided into three metrics – Visits, % New Visits, and New Visits, allowing you a quick summary view of traffic acquisition.


This report allows you to see the following important metrics – Bounce Rate, Page per Visit and Average Visit Duration. Now you can track reports to see all these metrics as a consolidated group in at one glance.


Under this column you can see whether your goals are converted or not. This will give you better understanding about your valuable audiences so that you can improve your campaign’s performance.


According to Google, it’s an ability to act on data and to leverage insights. With this information, we can fix the problem of our site and improve the performance of our marketing campaigns.

GA Remarketing

This feature allows you to see the impact of your display campaigns on your data. Now, view-through activity such as click through, visits and conversion tracking will be shown in Google Analytics Premium. This feature is for premium users only.

Including Double-click Data into Multichannel Funnels

Now you can see the inclusion of DCF (Double-click Campaign Manager) data into MCF (Multi Channel Funnel) reports. This helps us in giving more insight into what is happening on our site and allows us to see impressions in the conversion funnel.

Google Play in Google Analytics

With this feature you can see the full conversion path, e.g. Campaign Clicks, Play Store views, Installs and New Users in Google Analytics. The view of the Play acquisition funnel promises a new level of understanding visitor flow.

Google Analytics Academy

Google Analytics have launched their own MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses). It’s free, online and straight from Google. This is a great resource and will really help digital marketers in understanding the core principles of digital analytics.

In-product help Features

Everywhere in GA, you will see lots of new training videos related to relevant reports, different products and features.

What do you think of these new features? Your participation in discussing these fantastic enhancements would be highly appreciated.

Access, Empower, Act: New Features Announced in Google Analytics Summit 2013
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Access, Empower, Act: New Features Announced in Google Analytics Summit 2013
Google Analytics Summit 2013 announced features of GA 2013: Access, empower and act. Thank You GA Team for their product research and implementation of features.
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