Waterfall Methodology

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Waterfall Methodology

Waterfall is the oldest and yet efficient methodology for project execution. The method divides the project in the certain phases and once the single phase finishes the next phase starts and there is no turning back to the previous phase.

This one can help the project to be managed well, since each phase is time bound with the exact output requirements and once this output is received by the deadline then only the project can more to the next phase. Since the phases are interrelated and each phase has a requirement for the previous phase to finish, the concurrent development of different phases is not possible with this methodology.





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This is one of the most used techniques in IT industry as the project managers and clients are very much comfortable with going through the different phases of software, web and mobile applications. With waterfall methodology the total cost of the project can be measured along with that each phase can be evaluated with a specific budget. This will also mean that the requirement analysis has to be thorough since this methodology can only work perfectly and seamlessly when the requirements don’t change once defined and once the work starts.

Techtic Solutions recommends this methodology for standard website building jobs where the phases are very well defined since decades, requirement analysis, design, development, testing, deployment. Each phase is interrelated and each phase is done there is no going back and it can only move forward.


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