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Onsite Delivery Model

Onsite Delivery Model
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Techtic Solutions has a team of highly experienced professionals and we often come cross projects, which require constant customer communication, monitoring and analysis. Our valuable clients have always treated us as their own team and as a result our team delivers its team of experts on client’s site, to ensure that the project cycle can be reduced and efficient solution Techtic Solutions positions.

Our onsite delivery model is highly efficient and cost effective for medium and large-scale projects and our customers have always enjoyed the knowledge, experience and professionalism of our team of developers, designers and online marketing experts.

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Benefits of Onsite Delivery Model:

  • Reduced product development cycle and increases the productivity.
  • Complete access for the customer, since the resources will be sharing the same premises
  • Cost effective – The resources we have available even with the onsite model pricing they will be 20 to 30% cheaper.
  • No communication gap and highest understanding in realtime.
  • Renewable resources contracts.
  • No permanent hiring responsibility to offer benefits of employment