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Ionic is an amazing framework for building applications for iOS, Android & Desktop using a single codebase. Techtic Solutions has worked on Ionic framework along with AngularJS framework to ensure that the two amazing frameworks can bring the best out of the applications. Hiring a Ionic app developers remotely has a lot of challenges and Techtic Solutions has been leading company in offering staff augmentation. Hire our Ionic app developers who can also work with AngularJS. Our resources in Ionic have worked with startups, design agencies, & corporates. Each Ionic app developers at Techtic, has skillset and has always been looking for challenging projects to showcase their expertise. With the range of experience and ability to interview and handpick the developers for your business, you can assure yourself off hiring the best in the industry developers who value the quality of the code more than quantity of the code.

Our Ionic development team has amazing drive to create a dent in the universe by proactively participating in the product development, giving their inputs where it matters the most and most importantly with their experience they can evaluate the scale of the project, resource requirements and can simply lot of management work from our customers. If you have a product in mind and if you want to reduce your cost by hiring a dedicated resource with us, we would like to hear from you and identify how we can collaborate.

Our Credentials

  • 9+ years’ experience
  • 500+ clients from 23 countries
  • 3000+ Web Apps Delivered
  • 150+ Mobile Apps Delivered
  • 70+ in-house employees
  • Combined experience of 200+ years
  • More than 15 hours of skype support
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Why Hire Ionic App Developers from Techtic Solutions?

  • Multi-tasking ability to work on various assignments simultaneously.
  • Able to prioritize the work schedule.
  • Constant administration to ensure the work hours of the developers are justified and monitored.
  • Flawless customer support and quick resolution to the queries.
  • Data Confidentiality and CCTV surveillance for security.
  • Periodic trainings on bleeding-edge technologies to keep the resources updated.
  • Diversified experience from 3 years experience to 8+ years in programming.
  • Complete control over the developers.
  • Daily reporting for the work accomplished for the day.
  • Phone, skype, email support with project management tools.

"We are here to make your business, a work of Art"

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Hire Ionic App Developers
Hire Ionic App Developers

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