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Techtic Solutions is the leading Bootstrap development company offering world-class frontend development using this amazing framework. Briefly describing Bootstrap framework, it is mobile-first, fully responsive, prevailing front end framework which is easy to adept. Our team of front end developers claim that bootstrap makes it easy for them to convert any complex layout into a perfectly responsive, pixel perfect solution easily. Bootstrap lets us help our customers with cost efficient yet time saving solution.

Our team of Bootstrap developers have been coding on bootstrap for most of their frontend development, since it makes it easier and faster for them to code using this grid based framework. Moreover, Bootstrap is lightweight and easy to adapt.

Our Credentials

  • 9+ years’ experience
  • 500+ clients from 23 countries
  • 3000+ Web Apps Delivered
  • 150+ Mobile Apps Delivered
  • 70+ in-house employees
  • Combined experience of 200+ years
  • More than 15 hours of skype support
12 Column Grid Structure!

Benefits of using Bootstrap for frontend development

There are plethora of benefits using this framework, to name a few:

  • Uninterruptible integration with bulk frameworks
  • The coding is very easy because of the standard ready-made coding blocks
  • Simple to use and yet offers amazing cross browser compatibility
  • Offers JavaScript components like alerts, modal windows, tool tips etc.
  • The community is too large and makes it easy to get any support
  • This is fast and time-saving framework
  • Easy to learn for designers and it adheres to the basics
  • 12 column grid system that allows different screen sizes to be adjusted without any problems.

While bootstrap can be integrated with any backend or frontend framework, we strongly feel that this framework has come a long way from there it started by Twitter and most certainly, it is mobile first framework which is fascinating because all the predictions say that the global data traffic from mobile devices are going to increase multi-folds. Our bootstrap developers are experts in building websites with least turn around time, saving money of our customers and producing amazing results, every time.

Bootstrap Development Company
Bootstrap Development Company


We have been using Techtic for over a year now, at multiple entities. I treat them as developers apart of my team and we have the ability to scale up in a few days if needed. They have been very receptive to feedback and the team stays the same.

CTO of Mobile App Development Company

Hesom Parhizkar


The platform has received positive feedback for its performance and versatility. The team is innovative and well-suited for long-term partnerships. Coding is stable and deliveries are timely. They use a wide range of communication tools to keep the partnership effective.

Co-Founder of Mobile App Development Company

Hashem Omran


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