WordPress 3.8 – Beginning of New Era

Another great version of WordPress. Another benchmark for the other CMS. Another milestone achieved by WordPress. Its just amazing how they got two consecutive updates in very short time using plugin-first development process. Its remarkable.

Let us introduce you to the most beautiful, elegant, friendly and smart new baby of WordPress – Version 3.8

WordPress 3.8 the latest wersion of WordPress is one of the most beautiful update bar far from any other WordPress versions. It is named as Parker in honor of Charlie Parker. The first look of WordPress 3.8 was amazing and very exciting.

This version definitely has covered a large amount of cosmetic and aesthetic areas. This version makes it much more interactive and user friendly for any user to operate the admin area of wordpress on any device they are on.

Modern Design and High Contrast Colors:

WordPress Development

3.8 has brought the bold and very classy look for wordpress with lots of grey variations combining it with orange and blue looks just awesome. WordPress admin is uncluttered and not only the fact that it looks cleaner but the typography Open Sans used is much more clear for mobiles tablets and desktops. Not to mention the typography is also open source just like WordPress.

3.8 is colorful and device independent

WordPress Development 3.8 is made so well that it is available in 8 different color themes for the admin. You can choose whichever you find fit to your personality and website. Its just fantastic how interactiveness can appeal so many people. WordPress 3.8 can be opened in any device and the admin area is made responsive to fit in any screen size with much more elegance and user friendliness. 3.8 elegant and smart!

Theme Management Improved

WordPress Theme Integration

With this amazing version, choosing the theme is much more easier, just select more information and start clicking for the perfect theme you can imagine for your website. It is very user friendly and easy to identify. Not just that, the Widget area just got a drastic improvement. Drag and Drop is too old it seems, click on widgets and open up all the possible options of the side bar and add the widget in appropriate widget area. Very classy. Widgets created are also displayed in 2 columns in large screens and single column in smaller screens like tablets.

With this release, WordPress has definitely spread the word that it is in the game to win the game. Its an awesome looking, highly efficient and visually appealing CMS. Its a long way to go for them and greater things are still coming up.

WordPress has been one of the most exciting and highly functional CMS. There are plenty of websites running on wordpress. WordPress websites can be best handled by some of the best WordPress Professionals or WordPress Development Companies in.

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