Penetrating in Proximity Marketing by Beacon Devices

Penetrating in Proximity Marketing by Beacon Devices

The beacons are the little radio transmitters works as RFID devices or broadcasting devices using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals. BLE is a widely used technology for the beacons since it works a bit different than the normal Bluetooth devices. The BLE signal doesn’t need a constant connection between the beacon and the phone app, instead when the device is in the range of the beacon, the stationary device will send the ping packets of information to the mobile application letting the smart device know that there is this offer going on. This makes it very easy for the retail marketers to attract more customers to their store and make them purchase the products or services and it also makes it easier for the consumers to review the offer for the product and then checkout from the store.

Beacons are smart and hence they collect and mine the information of the users and make sure that the right device is given the correct advertisement while in proximity. The only flip side is the app can be deleted if there are too many notifications from the beacons surrounding, but it comes highly useful and saves time and money for the consumers as well. However, the companies who are using the beacons can monitor your browsing activities and pinpoint your exact location to promote the products that you are likely to buy. This will prevent them not to bombard the consumers with too many notifications.

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Even better the proximity marketing model using beacons have already been implemented in the museums, where the person can go to different artifacts and the phone will flash the information. This revolutionizing way is very engaging and can certainly help retailers and consumers both with additional information about each other.


With beacon devices being much bigger industry for the retailers lot of Tech-Giants have jumped into it building their own SDK, which can offer you, lot of features and the development community can build fancy software based on the SDK. Even with iOS seven this new alien word came up iBeacon and apple has very strong iOS beacon APIs and also allows you to experiment anything and everything without any limitations. Current beacons have many improvements needed, for example, battery life, color choices, beacon testers, geofencing improvements, signal disruptions, and more. However there are plenty of companies trying the pilot projects to make this revolutionary technology flourish in favor of the retail sector. It is certainly likely to boost the sales and grow consumer satisfaction and experience, which certainly will create a win-win situation for everyone. The industry of beacons will create wonders to many different businesses including, health, sports, retail, medical and more to offer a more friendly engagement by just flashing the information on your smart device.

Give us your reviews on what beacon projects have you been working on and share your interesting stories with us. It is also important for everyone to understand the reviews of different beacons and how easy it is for any company to adopt the same.

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