Mobile World Congress 2020 Conference #MWC20

Who doesn’t like to attend a good industry conference, especially when it’s the World’s Largest Conference for the Mobile Industry?

Yes, you guessed it right!

We’re talking about the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2020 conference.

With the year 2020 off to an excellent start, we thought why not give you a little heads-up about our plans to attend Mobile World Congress 2020.

In fact, if you’re also planning to attend MWC 2020, let’s not miss the chance to connect with each other.

Alternatively, if this is the first time you’re hearing about the Mobile World Congress conference and want to learn everything about it, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we’ve shared everything you need to know about Mobile World Congress to help you determine if it’s the right conference for you.

That being said, let’s jump right in!

What is the Mobile World Congress (MWC)? [A Brief History]

Inaugurated 33 years ago, the Mobile World Congress (formally called GSM World Conference) is the world’s largest mobile conference that brings global mobile manufacturers, mobile operators, technology providers, and vendors together.

Brief History of Mobile World Congress (MWC)

A Brief Detail of Mobile World Congress (MWC)

Every year, at MWC, global technology companies and mobile manufacturers showcase their latest innovations, leading-edge technologies, and futuristic products in front of 100,000+ attendees from 200 countries.

What Makes the MWC Conference So Special?

The Mobile World Congress conference basically invites companies in the Mobile industry to present their innovations, processes, and developments that will have a huge impact on the mobile ecosystem.

In other words, this is a once-in-a-year opportunity to get an early peek of upcoming technologies and mobile innovations and meet prominent executives of top global companies.

Who Should Visit the MWC Conference?

Anyone and everyone who works closely on mobile-related technologies and platforms.

Specifically, here are a couple of professions that should not miss attending the conference:

  • Mobile App Development Companies
  • Mobile Hardware Corporations
  • 5G and Internet Service Providers
  • Cloud Solution Firms

Who Can You Meet at MWC Conference?

According to the official Mobile World Conference website, more than 109,000 key decision-makers from globally popular companies are expected to attend the MWC conference this year.

List of MWC20 Conference Attendees

List of Industry Influencers Who Attending MWC20 Conference

Of all these attendees, 7,900 CEOs, 3,640 Industry Analysts & International Media, and 59 percent of attendees will be senior-level executives of giant mobile tech companies.

Apart from these leaders, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet promising mobile tech startups, influencers, ministers, international delegations, and policy regulators at the Mobile World Congress 2020 conference.

This is certainly one of the rare occasions where you’ll get to see all the industry leaders in one place!

Mobile World Congress 2020 Conference Schedule & Location

At this point, if you’re convinced that the Mobile World Congress is the right conference for you to attend, then here are the event schedule & location details.

Conference Dates:

The Mobile World Conference 2020 will take place from 24 February (Monday) to 27 February (Thursday), 2020.

Conference Location:

Just like last year, the MWC Barcelona 2020 will again take place at Fira Gran Via, while selected events such as 4YFN will take place at FiraMontjuïc.

Conference Location of MWC20 Event

List of MWC20 Conference Locations

Below, we’ve shared location details of both venues:

Fira Gran Via
Av. Joan Carles I
64 08908 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat

Avda. Reina Maria Cristina
s/n 08004 Barcelona

In case you’re concerned about the transportation options, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve already done the research part and listed all the transport options for you.

Transport Options:

  • Fira Gran Via/FiraMontuïc Shuttle
  • Official Hotel Shuttle Buses
  • FGC Train
  • Renfe Train
  • Taxi
  • Metro
  • Private Buses
  • Private Car
  • Aerobus

Here’s some good news!

If you’re attending the conference, the MWC organizers have also arranged to provide certain transportation privileges to all attendees.

MWC20 Events Train & Taxi Route

MWC20 Transportation Maps of Taxi & Train

Transportation Privileges for Attendees

If you’re seriously considering to attend the conference, then you’ll be glad to know that you’ll get certain transportation privileges mentioned below.

All you need to do is, collect your transportation pass at your nearest badge collection points at the Airport as well as in the city.

The Free Transportation Pass comes with the following privileges:

  1. Free & Unlimited FGC train rides during event days.
  2. Free & Unlimited Metro train rides during event days.
  3. One-Time supplemental fare to the Barcelona Airport.

How to Buy Your MWC Conference Pass?

It’s simple!

Just go to website, and click on ‘Buy Your Pass’ button.

As you click on the button, you’ll see 5 different types of pass available to purchase.

Choose the one that suits your needs and book your seat before it gets sold out!

How to get MWC20 Pass?

MWC20 Event Information

If you need further assistance, you can find their contact details here.


GSMA announced that the MWC20 has been cancelled. Very bold and wise move by the organization to not put business over safety and health of host country Spain and the global attendees. The coronavirus outbreak is devastating and our deepest sympathies at this time are with those affected in China, and all around the world.

We will surely attend next year and can’t wait to witness the world of innovation!

Nisarg Mehta - CEO Techtic Solutions Nisarg Mehta

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