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Know About The Impact Of IoT In Spades

Still confused? Let’s clear up the air:

Have you ever heard that AC can automatically adjust the temperature based on the number of people inside the room or outside temperature? Or, have you ever watched the water pumps automatically starts irrigating the fields by knowing the moisture level of soil?

Of course, your answer is NO. This is what IOT has made possible. Now, excited to know more about IOT?

Let’s understand Internet Of Things in a nutshell:

The Internet Of Things is a sensor-based technology that’s connecting everything through the internet. The sensors are embedded in every object to enable communication and take the action accordingly. With Internet Of Things, machine to machine, machine to person, and person to person interaction is possible.

It’s merging the two different worlds- physical world and digital world where physical actions are translated into digital actions. The complete data gathered during communication is stored at the cloud, which helps in taking intelligent decisions.

See how the big data analysis can make sense out of the IOT interactions:

The data can be leveraged by the researchers to do the analysis and identify the status of the physical things, and take the proactive decisions to lessen its impact.

For instance:

The attached sensors in the machine can identify the fault, if its output fluctuates from the regular output, and inform the same to engineer. The early alerts aid in taking the prompt decision where the faulty component can be repaired in advance before machine stops working.

The sensible technology benefits and its positive impacts are becoming the primary reason for its high popularity and usage at the large scale.

According to McKinsey, “IoT’s global economic impact will be up to US$11.1 trillion a year by 2020. Up to 70% of the potential value enabled by the IoT will be in business-to-business (B2B) rather than business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions.”

It’s stunning! Changing the lives like no other.

However, the notable technology has also brought some challenges on the top of the table where cybersecurity is the prominent one.

The IOT which appears just the connection of physical object over the internet, if the connection is weak, then interactions can easily be eavesdrop that’s putting the security of the whole system at the stake. Ensure the sensors used and the communication must be highly secured so that no malicious software can enter into the system and the data theft, fraud or sabotage threat would occur.

The government of different nations is also promoting the use of the internet technology to upsurge the economic growth. Also, a few guidelines and regulations are defined and set to bring the positive changes in the world.

Summing it up

In the technology era, latest is never enough, while everything keeps on evolving and innovating. That’s where businesses need a technology that can scale and fulfill the changing needs of the customers. All this IOT has made possible where interactions help in gaining the rich insights and carry out the smarter decisions.

The amazing advantages are making the businesses to bank big on IOT to build the solutions that improve the workflow, optimize the operations, delight the customers and enhance the ROI. What’s your take? Ready to jump on the IOT bandwagon? If so, it signifies you are all set to witness your epic success.

Nisarg Mehta Nisarg Mehta

Nisarg Mehta, CEO & Chairman of Techtic Solutions, is the vision of the company. Nisarg is active in operations in his daily routine as he is one of the key decision makers in terms of technological advancements of the company. He is a friendly leader with hardworking, motivating, visionary and passionate personality.

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