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For many of the Designing fanatics, it might be a common term and it is just the modern form of the traditional designing concepts. With the combination of some of the striking typography with that of the bright colors the Flat web designing has lined the route for the unique flat interfaces. Minimalism is one of the major parts of this design idea and with this it has been one of the hottest trends in recent time. Overall, Flat Web Designing was a hit at the time when ‘Metro’ design was launched by Windows 8. With this the Flat Web Designing highlighted as the windows 8 uses it and has become very popular as well due to its uniqueness in the user experience and design when compared to the older version of windows.

Comparison between Skeuomorphic Designing and Flat Web Designing

Previously, the trend was to use as much color and glitter in the design and people were more interested in attracting the user with a shimmer interface and it actually worked to a great extent. The users were also amazed with it and hence the necessity of functionality was completely ignored. Later on experiments took place keeping the interface simple yet classy and applying the set of skills lieu of focusing so much on the user interface. The Flat Web Designing focuses on the clean interface where the user does not find a mess full of shining and glittery illustrations. The icons have the crisp edges and are self-explanatory along with bright colors so that the user knows where to click! Let us understand it more with a situation. When Apple makes an illustration for calendar, the complete focus of it would be on making that look as much real as possible and it is exactly the Skeuomorphic Designing approach. And, if you use the Flat Web Designing, the result shall be much more colorful and an image with two dimensional icons.

The Use

With Flat Web designing, the usability increases to a great extent. The icons used are much clearer, colorful and self-explanatory. If the user is able to understand the object he/she is selecting is a calendar just because the icon says so, it is not required to go through designing a real lookalike calendar icon. With this the users also gets to see several things much clearly and it turns much easy for him to move around. To get along with the Flat Web Design approach it is much easier to understand the idea behind it. If you understand the concept on which it is based on, the learning becomes a piece of cake. Always remember to keep the design as simple you can as simplicity is always the key to success. Also keep in mind that varieties of icons can be effortlessly identified by using variety of colors. It is yet another way of including the simplicity into the designs. Rest all can be mastered in like minutes if you see some of the live examples of Flat Web Designing. Research on the web and find as many examples you can. Another one is the Sans Serif typography which helps you allow needed crispy supplements required for your Illustrations. Make sure that the text is clear, complete and is to the point. Extra details are not necessary to be added in the text. Just like these there are several more details that can be learnt by going through various templates and examples. All that we can wish you is to have a pleasant designing journey!

Nisarg Mehta Nisarg Mehta

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