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Is your Website Mobile friendly?

Increasing usage of mobile phone and tablets has resulted in the vigorous increase in usage of internet through mobile and many of the websites are now-a-days releasing their mobile versions. Yet many businesses have been slow to get down to a mobile friendly website, but it is expected that they shall be working on this trend soon.

Mobile Internet usage: Top Trends

We all love staying connected in work and personal life with our peers and family members. With the mobile internet it is very much possible to be in touch and share ideas with your peers when you are off work or spending time with your family. You still have that ease to complete the responsibilities as you are connected to your work through your portable devices. Continue reading “Is your Website Mobile friendly?”

Why Your Homepage Design Sucks?

Do you ever feel that your homepage design sucks? Do you ever feel that your competitor has a better website design then you do? Do you ever consider redoing the website and then getting lost about the ideas on building a new design, inclusions, exclusions etc? Here is a guide for all the website owners, marketers, website makers. Complete explanation to all your questions and after reading this article you can certainly say, What did you find that was helpful to you in this article in improving the website. With that said, the article goes as follows…

The homepage of any website depicts its basic function and speaks about the business it belongs to. Most of the marketer and website makers have the idea in their minds of making their website look best and serve their users.

Continue reading “Why Your Homepage Design Sucks?”

CSS3 Transitions | Transforms | Animations

Webbing Wednesdays Week #11

CSS3 Transitions, Transforms, Animations

CSS3 Transforms

With the help of CSS3 transform, one can move, scale, turn, spin, and stretch elements easily. We can also change shape, size and position of an element.

On the other hand, we can transform our elements using 2D or 3D transformation.

Numbers followed by -ms-, -webkit-, -moz-, or -o- specifies the first version that worked with prefix. Continue reading “CSS3 Transitions | Transforms | Animations”