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Google’s “Near Me Now” For Cell Phone Users

Webbing Wednesdays Week #3

Mobile Near Me Now

It is often said “What more can a cell phone achieve?” and yet again some out of the box ideas and inventions shape up the next era. With the increased use of internet on the mobile devices, it is interesting to see how anyone wants to maximize efficiency to find a good coffee shop, pizza place, ATM, Library, Hospitals and other places using fingertips. Well, this was an initiative taken by Google back in 2010 with very initial level of categories and places associated with that. We all know the lightning fast internet was barely made available to people and hence over the period of time, now it’s a huge success, and Google has also taken the mobile search much more seriously foreseeing the growing interest of mobile users for internet. The search term “Near Me Now” is made available for iOS and Android Devices. Continue reading “Google’s “Near Me Now” For Cell Phone Users”

Google Analytics (Not Provided) and (Not Set) Explained

Webbing Wednesdays Week#1

Google Analytics (Not Provided) and (Not Set)

Google Analytics, as we all know is one of the most powerful tools which empowers your website and helps you with analysis of the website, marketing strategies and under use experience on the website.

Experience with working on numerous SEO, SEM and SMO campaigns, it has always been fascinating to analyze how Google understands the website and how it answers all the questions to webmasters and the website owners. However, there are few parameters which have always been ignored or rather not understood by many of the website owners and webmaster. Continue reading “Google Analytics (Not Provided) and (Not Set) Explained”