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PHP Development Company

Web development is the need of the hour to press against the stiff competition. User experiences of the web are improving day by day and so are their expectations. PHP has grown over time and has become the most popular web development platform of all. Many companies prefer it to other traditional technologies. Hence, all the organizations, that are seeking to leverage the internet to improve their business prospects, are turning to outsourcing their PHP development.

PHP development provides the clients a leading edge over the competition and ensures comprehensive and scalable solution cost effectively. Many web development companies are now offering services for PHP web development competitively with uncompromised quality. As companies around the world are increasingly utilizing PHP as their development platform, PHP development is catching up rapidly as well. Continue reading “PHP Development Company”

Important WordPress Security Tips To Protect Your WordPress Blog

It is a serious concern when blog gets hacked and hence you must know how to protect your WordPress blog. Here are some of the important WordPress Security Tips to protect your WordPress blog.

Secure all the Entry Points with Strong Passwords

Many WordPress users the admin password which is generated during installation for all uses and have the feeling of their blog being safe and secure. Mostly the password that is generated contains uppercase and lowercase letters along with symbols and numbers and is pretty much safe but the passwords in the ftp/cPanel are not that strong and needs to be changed immediately after installing. If one can access your ftp/cPanel, then that person can also delete the WordPress database of yours from the cPanel->Databases->MySQL Databases. Hence, it is always advisable to use strong passwords at every entry points.
Secure hosting: In several cases it is being found that WordPress sites are hacked due to the hosting vulnerabilities as every web hosting providers do not offer the equal level of security. While choosing the web hosting provider do not just opt for a cheap one and rather do a good amount of research until you find a well-established company with great track record of providing strong security to the WordPress Blog sites. Continue reading “Important WordPress Security Tips To Protect Your WordPress Blog”

Top 10 PHP Frameworks You Can Choose for Your Website

Creating a website is not just building a pile of code to make things function correctly. It is about how efficient is the code and identifying the factors which can reduce the life cycle of developing a website and yet create awesome and fascinating features for the website.

In other words why waste time in coding when you can enjoy the functionalities provided by a framework? With a framework you can save a lot of time and efforts that you can utilize in working further on your next project. With the framework you can have the foundation upon which you can work along with the pre-built modules where you can perform the tedious tasks of coding. PHP’s popularity is due to the vivid range of frameworks available to choose from.

We have presented the best 10 PHP Frameworks for you to choose from, for your upcoming project.


codeigniter development company USACodeIgniter designed by EllisLab has been known widely for is speed and small footprint. It is one of the most favorite among developers across the globe. Also there is a huge community of users that can assist you at any point of time. Continue reading “Top 10 PHP Frameworks You Can Choose for Your Website”