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Trends in Social Media 2017 That You Should Know

At present, there is a lot of craze about Social Media and it is proved to be an invaluable tool for any trade. In spite of its size, it is also a difficult beast for handling due to its continually uneven technology and dynamics. The latest trends and new features seem to emerge a continuous basis, so to keep them on the top of what is new in the social media is important to anyone in the field of digital marketing. So, here we are giving you some latest social media trends in the year 2017.

Social Media Trends in 2017 Continue reading “Trends in Social Media 2017 That You Should Know”

Detailed Update on Panda 4.0 and Payday Loan 2.0

Each year, Google changes its search algorithm around 500–600 times. The changes made to the algorithm are minor changes however there were multiple occasions where Google released a major algorithmic update to make the search results better, faster and relevant.

We all have experienced the presence of the two major algorithms and their updates namely Panda and Panguin algorithms. Ofcourse there are other algorithms like hummingbird and Payday Loan algorithms which has not affected a huge amount of queries in search results. Continue reading “Detailed Update on Panda 4.0 and Payday Loan 2.0”

Updated Website to Gain Customer Confidence

Do you being a business owner always wear the same suit and tie every day to work?? Well even better, do you still drive 1980s car at work?


We all know the answer and that is a Big “NO”.

Changes are necessary be it anything that we do, create or follow. Remember change is the only constant. We believe that the same theory should apply on your website. Well, it doesn’t mean that we are saying change your website as frequently as you change your office suit. However, it is certainly suggested for any business to improve, revamp or revive the website look and feel periodically. Be it some new features, design changes or content integration for new pages, it is highly important that you would never buy a 1990s Nissan 300zx but you would certainly go for a Nissan 350z. Continue reading “Updated Website to Gain Customer Confidence”

What Why and How of Website Traffic Sources

Have you recently created a new website? Have you thought who would visit your website? Do you have a plan of attracting traffic from multiple ways to your website?

Traffic Sources What Why and How

Well! You have come to the correct article. If the questions raised speaks about your thoughts and ambiguities about your website then this article would certainly help you get your answers. Continue reading “What Why and How of Website Traffic Sources”

Inconvenient Truth About Content Writing

SEO Experts USA

Search engine optimization and Google has really been pushing every single website to produce fresh content, with best possible research on the website. The content on the website should be in depth. Google specifically likes the content which people are ready to not only read but share on their blog, social media or any other medium. This would definitely be the way to reach maximum amount of people. Always remember, sloppy, copied and brief content on your website or anywhere else you post wont be shared or liked to a greater extent. Its really an amazing and niche market that Google is emphasizing on and you can get fantastic results in terms of your SEO, traffic, rankings and popularity, when you write good articles, blogs, press releases or whitepapers on whatever business that you are in and/or specialize in. Continue reading “Inconvenient Truth About Content Writing”