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Differences Between Web Developer and Web Designer

A website usually has two aspects to it. The first is the technical framework of code based on which the website gets created. This requires software development which is done by a web developer. A user or lay visitor to the website would not know about the code that is used in the website.

Differences Between Web Developer and Web Designer

But how the website looks and how the various visual elements of a website come together to provide a good user experience would depend on how the website is designed. This work would be done by a web designer. Continue reading “Differences Between Web Developer and Web Designer”

Impacts of Typography on Website and Brand Messaging

When it comes to marketing, it is no new news that visuals are crucial. If something is not aesthetically appealing, the brand will lose out on a large chunk of the audience (and potential customers). While graphics, in general, are often given utmost importance, the aspect that binds it all together is often ignored. That aspect is typography.

Impacts of Typography on Website and Brand Messaging Continue reading “Impacts of Typography on Website and Brand Messaging”

6 Latest Trends in Ecommerce Web Design to Use in 2017

In web designing the trends might not be transitory like in the fashion industry. An eCommerce business which wants to have a certain success has to follow them. Continuously promoting your website is as significant as improving your products because this will bring and attract more customers towards you. Here we are giving you a list of web design trend predictions for the year 2017, for your business and website.Web Design Services Continue reading “6 Latest Trends in Ecommerce Web Design to Use in 2017”

Importance of Responsive Design in e-Commerce

E-commerce is a platform to make smooth and easy transaction of business and furnishes the strong merchandise decision scenario. To deal with the growing demands, you need something extra than this, and a responsive design for e-commerce fulfills all requirements of being extra here. An existence of e-commerce completely depends on the convenient offering of products and services.

responsive website design for e-commerce Continue reading “Importance of Responsive Design in e-Commerce”

Use Of Wireframes In Mobile Application Development

Wireframes are some kind of blueprints that create an outline or structure for developing a smooth web or mobileĀ application. Wireframes are the most initial step towards developing a site as it furnishes the base of development. If you really want to come out with the desired structure, you do need to have perfect wireframes outlines.
wirframe mobile developmentDeveloping a friendly site is a daunting task. It demands proper planning and strategy to implement and work on accordingly towards a beautiful application. Wireframes provide the complete layout of the applications. Continue reading “Use Of Wireframes In Mobile Application Development”