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Staff Augmentation: What To Keep In Mind?

The process of recruiting talent often turns out to be time-consuming and costly. In recent years, the process has become technology-driven to a substantial extent, and staffing agencies have been shouldering the responsibility of hiring the employees. No matter how competitive the internal HR happens to be, you need to recruit matching talent to keep your business afloat. Considering the long-term investment involved in hiring full-time employees, business firms often go for staff augmentation. This involves outsourcing workers who come with specific skills and roles, and the process can be easily scaled up and down. A large segment of companies has successfully implemented the process to simplify the challenges.

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How Netflix Changed Streaming

Though the multi-billionaire firm has risen from its humble origins, it was just as revolutionary back then as it is now. In 1997, Mark Randolph and Reed Hastings started out with the venture of selling and renting DVDs and delivering them by mail. However, it wasn’t just another rental service. Soon after, they brought the feature of monthly subscriptions that effectively disrupted the industry.

How Netflix Changed Streaming

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The Significance Of Chatbots

In a manner similar to how the assembly line revolutionised the auto industry, Chatbot has similarly streamlined the entire customer service industry by removing the limitations of human response.

The Significance of Chatbots

No matter the number of queries or how frequently a business is barraged with requests, customers can be guaranteed satisfaction due to promptness, round the clock availability and response precision; leaving the more intricate matters to a smaller, but more efficient human workforce. Continue reading “The Significance Of Chatbots”

Differences Between Web Developer and Web Designer

A website usually has two aspects to it. The first is the technical framework of code based on which the website gets created. This requires software development which is done by a web developer. A user or lay visitor to the website would not know about the code that is used in the website.

Differences Between Web Developer and Web Designer

But how the website looks and how the various visual elements of a website come together to provide a good user experience would depend on how the website is designed. This work would be done by a web designer. Continue reading “Differences Between Web Developer and Web Designer”