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How Firebase Analytics Enlightens You On Different Aspects Related to App Usage

The success of a website is known from the level of user engagement and traffic. It is so great to see traffic numbers doubling and viewing the number of visits increase for a website. A lot of data related to site visits and traffic can be viewed through Google Analytics.  In the same way the success of a mobile application must also be gauged. This gives the mobile app developer a peep into the probable loopholes while providing an insight to app marketers about the next steps to be taken to increase the popularity of an app.

Firebase Analytics

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Detailed Update on Panda 4.0 and Payday Loan 2.0

Each year, Google changes its search algorithm around 500–600 times. The changes made to the algorithm are minor changes however there were multiple occasions where Google released a major algorithmic update to make the search results better, faster and relevant.

We all have experienced the presence of the two major algorithms and their updates namely Panda and Panguin algorithms. Ofcourse there are other algorithms like hummingbird and Payday Loan algorithms which has not affected a huge amount of queries in search results. Continue reading “Detailed Update on Panda 4.0 and Payday Loan 2.0”

What Why and How of Website Traffic Sources

Have you recently created a new website? Have you thought who would visit your website? Do you have a plan of attracting traffic from multiple ways to your website?

Traffic Sources What Why and How

Well! You have come to the correct article. If the questions raised speaks about your thoughts and ambiguities about your website then this article would certainly help you get your answers. Continue reading “What Why and How of Website Traffic Sources”

Inconvenient Truth About Content Writing

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Search engine optimization and Google has really been pushing every single website to produce fresh content, with best possible research on the website. The content on the website should be in depth. Google specifically likes the content which people are ready to not only read but share on their blog, social media or any other medium. This would definitely be the way to reach maximum amount of people. Always remember, sloppy, copied and brief content on your website or anywhere else you post wont be shared or liked to a greater extent. Its really an amazing and niche market that Google is emphasizing on and you can get fantastic results in terms of your SEO, traffic, rankings and popularity, when you write good articles, blogs, press releases or whitepapers on whatever business that you are in and/or specialize in. Continue reading “Inconvenient Truth About Content Writing”

2014 Resolution for Best SEO Strategies

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2013 is coming to an end and its time for new year resolution. Everyone of us will be taking some resolutions and the website owners will definitely be thinking whats new for 2014. Well, an ever changing era of SEO can definitely get you some resolutions on what strategies can you change and adapt for the coming year of 2014 in order to make maximum out of your website. Continue reading “2014 Resolution for Best SEO Strategies”