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Why Virtual Team Is A Better Option?

The corporate landscape has witnessed massive changes in staffing and recruiting strategies in the last couple of decades. Presently, around 2.8% of the workforce, accounting for 3.7 million employees, work for at least half the time from home. Forward-thinking companies have already switched to virtual teams to bolster their productivity. Around the globe. The Fortune 1000 companies are revamping the work arrangements to make their business environment more efficient. Remote working programs and virtual team have emerged as an established part of the global business environment, offering tremendous benefits to business firms, when successfully integrated.

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5 Ways Alexa Is Going To Turn Around Healthcare Industry

The entry of Amazon Echo in the healthcare industry may turn out to be a surprise hit. With digital tools moving the healthcare needs out of the doctor’s chambers and hospitals, the voice assistance is set to leverage the healthcare industry. In 2015, Amazon came up with its Alexa Skill Store, and till date, the developers have built over 1,000 skills, fostering a seamless interaction with Alexa-enabled devices.

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What’s better for home automation- Zigbee or Z-Wave

“Imagine a home, where the hub receives a signal from the sensors at the door that someone has arrived. The hub immediately sends a signal to the LED bulb and HD TV to switch them on.”

What’s better for home automation- Zigbee or Z- Wave

In a smart home, different devices need a common language to communicate. Earlier, it used to be Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but with increasing complexity and advancement in technology, engineers switched to communication languages that are relatively unheard of. These languages are known as Z-Wave and Zigbee. Continue reading “What’s better for home automation- Zigbee or Z-Wave”