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Impacts of Typography on Website and Brand Messaging

When it comes to marketing, it is no new news that visuals are crucial. If something is not aesthetically appealing, the brand will lose out on a large chunk of the audience (and potential customers). While graphics, in general, are often given utmost importance, the aspect that binds it all together is often ignored. That aspect is typography.

Impacts of Typography on Website and Brand Messaging Continue reading “Impacts of Typography on Website and Brand Messaging”


The simple definition of UI (User Interface) is that it is a part of the product which is being seen by the user when he looks into the site, where as the UX (User Experience) is what they feel when they see the site. UX is a term which has its meaning in a much broader way than that of the UI. In a nutshell we will focus on UI Vs UX during the entire article.


Better UX is just as having smooth operating and it gives the user a feeling of ease while visiting the site. Whereas, the good UI is the materialistic approach of making the visit on the site look good. Overall, the complete package is what that makes good UX and the good UI is obviously an important inner element of it.

As per the experts, UX and UI are some of the very confusing and misused terms in this field. Without UX, UI is just like a painter painting the canvas without any thought in minds, whereas the UX without UI is just like a sculpture framed without any paper Mache. For an amazing product experience UX an UI are equally important. Continue reading “UI VS UX: SIMILARITIES & DISSIMILARITIES?”

Digital vs. Print Media

Graphic Designers USADigital Era has driven larger exposure to the consumers towards Digital Media. The growing prevalence of Mobiles, Tablets and Other Digital Devices has been more inviting to the Digital Media, rather than print media. This definitely means that the consumers have better and faster access to Digital Media, as and when they need it. However, the possibility of print media being equally important or equally productive and efficient cannot be avoided. Since there is a vast range of print materials which has proven to be one of the best selling points in any industry. Continue reading “Digital vs. Print Media”