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19 methods for securing Magento 2 E-commerce Store

According to Jack Ma “For e-commerce, the most important thing is trust.” This statement transmits the vital truth of the e-commerce world. All in e-commerce, from product information, UI design, promotions, to reviews and ratings is for building that faith with your clients. Security of your site is very important to build the trust. Magento, since some last few months, has had confronts with various security vulnerabilities identified and response fast for addressing these vulnerabilities. Therefore, here we are giving you 19 ways for securing the Magento 2 E-commerce Store.Magento 2 E-commerce Store Continue reading “19 methods for securing Magento 2 E-commerce Store”

Enterprise Web Application Development: 5 Big Trends for 2017

With the advent of technology, the old trends have replaced the newer ones as well as the better ones. The old technology trends do not address the evolving requirements of the business that’s the reason the enterprises include the newer trends for gaining a competitive edge and raising their efficiency and agility. Some of the important features of enterprise web application development nowadays are as follows:

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10 Best Reasons for selecting Shopify in 2017

We all know that the present time is the modern period of technology. The custom of traditional shopping is going down and the online shopping is getting more and more popular all over the world. There are many platforms that let you for creating an online store. The most famous platforms for e-commerce businesses are Magento, woo-commerce, Shopify and various others. The Shopify has built up its own importance and here we are giving you 10 best reasons for selecting the Shopify in the year 2017.Shopify Web Development Continue reading “10 Best Reasons for selecting Shopify in 2017”

What is New For The Retailers in The House of Magento 2?

As per the latest news on the Magento in the Internet, it has been known that the platform of eCommerce is very soon going to launch the Magento 2. At present, this software is available for the users in the beta version and it is expected that it will be launched very soon with some amazing features as well as the most wanted improvements as compare to the earlier versions. According to the various sources, there are a variety of things for the retailers to get from the latest platform of Magento 2. By choosing the  the merchants will be able to obtain the many things. The list is as following:

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Importance of Responsive Design in e-Commerce

E-commerce is a platform to make smooth and easy transaction of business and furnishes the strong merchandise decision scenario. To deal with the growing demands, you need something extra than this, and a responsive design for e-commerce fulfills all requirements of being extra here. An existence of e-commerce completely depends on the convenient offering of products and services.

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