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Why Virtual Team Is A Better Option?

The corporate landscape has witnessed massive changes in staffing and recruiting strategies in the last couple of decades. Presently, around 2.8% of the workforce, accounting for 3.7 million employees, work for at least half the time from home. Forward-thinking companies have already switched to virtual teams to bolster their productivity. Around the globe. The Fortune 1000 companies are revamping the work arrangements to make their business environment more efficient. Remote working programs and virtual team have emerged as an established part of the global business environment, offering tremendous benefits to business firms, when successfully integrated.

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AI and API: Developing Next Generation Smart Mobile Apps

Smart apps, backed by artificial intelligence, are largely being incorporated by business firms to make them futureproof. Think of Siri, Assistant or Cortana, the apps that have shaped the overall digitized experience of the generation. Artificial Intelligence, along with machine learning combines various processes, interrelated to each other, contributing to the development of several robust apps. Clubbing these two mechanisms will greatly shape next-generation apps for mobiles. The leading app developers are collaborating with various forward-thinking companies to develop purpose-driven mobile apps, based on AI. Altogether, AI is a higher ground in the domain of mobile app development.

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Staff Augmentation: What To Keep In Mind?

The process of recruiting talent often turns out to be time-consuming and costly. In recent years, the process has become technology-driven to a substantial extent, and staffing agencies have been shouldering the responsibility of hiring the employees. No matter how competitive the internal HR happens to be, you need to recruit matching talent to keep your business afloat. Considering the long-term investment involved in hiring full-time employees, business firms often go for staff augmentation. This involves outsourcing workers who come with specific skills and roles, and the process can be easily scaled up and down. A large segment of companies has successfully implemented the process to simplify the challenges.

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A Comprehensive Guide to SOAP, REST & GraphQL Web Protocols

While building an API, developers generally consider two of the most common paradigms, SOAP and REST. Although these are often considered to be functionally similar, the inherent technologies are completely different, even when compared on a granular basis. Besides, you have GraphQL, a query language that comes handy while developing APIs. The reputed software developers closely collaborate with business firms while developing dedicated mobile and web apps for them, integrating these paradigms strategically in the process.

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