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How Blockchain Will Transform Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now more than a decade old. It has made its way into almost all possible domains, including robotics, avionics, automotive, healthcare and so on. A study reveals that 30% of the companies across the globe will be using artificial intelligence in 2020 in at least one of their sales processes. 

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Will Blockchain Disrupt Mobile App Development?

Embracing the general trend in a given industry keeps a business competitive. Mobile app development has been evolving over time, and the buzzword called ‘blockchain’ has made its impact in this segment too. Efficiency and security of mobile apps being at the top of the pyramid, the established app developers are integrating blockchain into their mechanisms. Of course, blockchain will disrupt mobile app development in the years to come, and for the good.

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20 Big Industries Blockchain Could Transform

Before discussing which industries would be affected by blockchain, it is important to know what blockchain really is. In layman’s terms, blockchain is a technology which stores the data of transactions known as ledgers. It employs a distributed system like a peer to peer network to verify each transaction, and once verified, it cannot be altered.

20 Big Industries Blockchain Could Transform

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